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Top 10 Coffees of 2011

Now that 2011 is over we can look back and see what coffees our customers just couldn’t get enough of last year. Sumatra Black Satin Roast African Tanzania Peaberry Kenya AA Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Verdi Espresso (our most popular Espresso coffee beans!) Guatemala Antigua Guatemala Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Organic Coffee Colombian Supremo Costa Rica Reserve […]

Flavored Coffee Beans

We are proud to announce our new collection of Flavored Coffee Beans! In the past we have focused on gourmet coffee beans which includes Origin coffee beans and premium Blended coffee beans. We have just recently added Flavored Coffee Beans to our online coffee bean store. Our Flavored Coffee is: Made from 100% Arabica Coffee […]

Should I Freeze Coffee Beans?

This question has been asked over and over again. The concept behind the question is that the shelf life of most foods can be extended by being frozen.  Many generations have taught us to freeze or refrigerate whole or ground coffee beans just like we do other products such as meats, herbs and vegetables. The […]

Attributes of Light Roast Coffee

Apart of cream and sugar, it is often the most important preference: Light Roast Coffee or Dark Roast Coffee? Generally speaking, coffee drinkers who opt for light roasted coffee like it for its natural, earthy tastes and for the absence of burnt or smoky flavors that are often evident in darker roasted coffees. The amount […]

9 Tips for Buying Coffee Beans Online

When it comes to buying coffee beans online, there is an endless selection of websites offering fresh roasted coffee beans, organic coffee beans, fair trade coffee beans and even coffee beans from all over the world. Before placing an order with an online coffee bean company it is important to evaluate their website and get […]

Costa Rica Coffee Beans Grown in Micro-Mills

Costa Rican coffee farmers set the standards for the rest of Central and South America for wet-processed coffee. Coffee production plays an important role in Costa Rica’s economy, being the third largest export and employing almost 30% of the labor force. The Beginnings The soil and climate conditions in Costa Rica are near ideal for […]

Turning Your Gourmet Coffee Beans into Great Tasting Coffee – Every Time

Buying freshly roasted gourmet coffee beans is a great first step to preparing gourmet coffee at home. But the rest is up to you. Become an experienced barista by following a few simple rules throughout the brewing process. You can create the perfect cup for coffee each morning for yourself and wow your dinner guests […]

The Legend of the Dancing Goats

Legend has it that coffee beans were originally discovered by monks who noticed that their goats became frisky and began to dance after eating a certain berry. Sound familiar? The Beginning The place is the Ethiopian highlands where coffee trees grow just as they do to this day. The time is 800 AD – the […]