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Coffee From Around The World

Coffee From Around The World

Travel with your taste buds for this coffee tour of the globe! One of the best parts about travelling is experiencing the local cuisine. While your mind might conjure a vision of savoury delights and sweet treats, we’re here to explore the coffee! Did you know that coffee beans develop unique characteristics depending on where […]

Introducing New Gourmet Coffees!

A few months ago we introduced our Javita Instant Coffee line and this week we are proud to officially launch a number of new gourmet coffees! Make sure to try these coffees out on your next order with us. Ethiopia Longberry Harrar – Available in Regular and Decaf These Ethiopian coffee beans have been unavailable […]

Indonesia’s ‘Black Satin’ Sumatran Coffee Beans

Indonesia is currently among the top five largest coffee producing countries in the world. The specific longitude and latitude regions of Indonesian islands create the ideal climate for the Arabica coffee plant to grow. Sumatran Mandheling coffee beans are considered a premium coffee, originating in Western Sumatra, Indonesia. Because of their rich flavors and complex […]

What is Bird Friendly Coffee?

Thanks to environmental advocate groups promoting Fair Trade and Organic coffees as well as the internet’s accelerated dispersion of information, many customers are looking for “Bird Friendly Coffee”. But what exactly does this mean? Bird Friendly, Shade Grown Coffee Bird friendly coffee refers to coffee beans that are grown in shaded areas where the forest […]

Bean around the World

Have you heard of the coffee belt before? It’s the region that spans the equator and wraps around our planet, roughly enclosed by the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. This region is ideal for growing and cultivating coffee beans. Unique features include: Soil Climate Temperature Altitudes Countries Famous for their Coffee There […]

The Pride of Indonesia: Sumatra Mandheling Gourmet Coffee

A common gourmet coffee bean from Indonesia is the Sumatra Mandehling, known as one of the world’s most distinctive coffees. Sumatra is the area in Indonesia where coffee production began in the 18th century under Dutch colonial domination. Mandheling is the Indonesian ethnic group involved with the coffee production. Normally coffee is named after its […]