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Coffee From Around The World

Coffee From Around The World

Travel with your taste buds for this coffee tour of the globe! One of the best parts about travelling is experiencing the local cuisine. While your mind might conjure a vision of savoury delights and sweet treats, we’re here to explore the coffee! Did you know that coffee beans develop unique characteristics depending on where […]

What are Varietal Gourmet Coffees?

Varietal is a term that refers to the variety of the coffee bean by the specific region or country of origin. You can recognize varietal coffees because they are usually named after a region such as Kona coffee beans or Brazilian coffee beans as opposed to being named after a roast or brand name. To […]

Top 10 Coffees of 2011

Now that 2011 is over we can look back and see what coffees our customers just couldn’t get enough of last year. Sumatra Black Satin Roast African Tanzania Peaberry Kenya AA Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Verdi Espresso (our most popular Espresso coffee beans!) Guatemala Antigua Guatemala Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Organic Coffee Colombian Supremo Costa Rica Reserve […]

Gourmet Coffee Review

Ever wonder what other gourmet coffee lovers are ordering? Our top 10 top coffees include: Sumatra Black Satin Roast (dark roast) African Tanzania Peaberry (light/medium roast) Kenya AA (medium roast) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (light/medium roast) Sumatra Gayo Mountain Organic (light/medium roast) Verdi Espresso (dark roast) Guatemala Organic Coffee (light/medium roast) Costa Rica Reserve Coffee (light/medium roast) […]

What is a Peaberry Coffee Bean?

Peaberry coffee beans are a particular type of coffee bean that develop as a single seed inside the coffee cherry compared to regular coffee beans that develop two seeds. Normally, the two seeds press up against each other as they grow creating a flat side to the finished bean. Peaberry coffee beans mature into round […]

Bean around the World

Have you heard of the coffee belt before? It’s the region that spans the equator and wraps around our planet, roughly enclosed by the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. This region is ideal for growing and cultivating coffee beans. Unique features include: Soil Climate Temperature Altitudes Countries Famous for their Coffee There […]