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New Orleans Coffee – As Good for You As It Is To Drink

In New Orleans there is a tradition of coffee that goes as far back as the settlement of the area by the French. Due to shortages during Civil War times, the resilient populace came up with a solution that has become ingrained into the culture that is Louisiana, particularly New Orleans. Once added to tide […]

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Review

Here are That’s Coffee we have four different Blue Mountain coffees to choose from, all made from Arabica coffee beans. This morning we want to take you on a tropical journey to explore all of these coveted coffees … inspired by the Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend in our coffee mugs. 1. JBM Estate Coffee Beans […]

What are Varietal Gourmet Coffees?

Varietal is a term that refers to the variety of the coffee bean by the specific region or country of origin. You can recognize varietal coffees because they are usually named after a region such as Kona coffee beans or Brazilian coffee beans as opposed to being named after a roast or brand name. To […]

Gourmet Coffee Bean Characteristics & Terms

Do you think it’s weird to describe your cup of coffee as acidic, balanced or complex? There are a number of coffee characteristics used to describe the flavor profiles that can originate from the variety of coffee bean, the processing method and the roast. The combination of these factors generates very different flavor profiles in […]

Indonesia’s ‘Black Satin’ Sumatran Coffee Beans

Indonesia is currently among the top five largest coffee producing countries in the world. The specific longitude and latitude regions of Indonesian islands create the ideal climate for the Arabica coffee plant to grow. Sumatran Mandheling coffee beans are considered a premium coffee, originating in Western Sumatra, Indonesia. Because of their rich flavors and complex […]

Flavored Coffee Beans

We are proud to announce our new collection of Flavored Coffee Beans! In the past we have focused on gourmet coffee beans which includes Origin coffee beans and premium Blended coffee beans. We have just recently added Flavored Coffee Beans to our online coffee bean store. Our Flavored Coffee is: Made from 100% Arabica Coffee […]

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