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What is “Arabica” Coffee Beans?

If you are new to the gourmet coffee world it can be confusing to learn all the names and terms for different types of coffee. The most widely used term is “Arabica”. So what exactly is Arabica?

Arabica coffee beans are simply a variety of coffee bean which originates from the Arabica coffee plant. The other main variety of coffee bean is Robusta.

What are Arabica Coffee Beans?

Arabica coffee bean, a species of coffee, is considered to be the best variety when it comes to taste and aroma. Arabica coffee beans are also the most popular variety among coffee lovers worldwide. Arabica beans are also called “true” coffee beans. While Arabica coffee beans are the best in taste, they are not the best in growing. This is because Arabica coffee beans thrive only in certain areas and cannot grow well in any environment. By contrast, Robusta coffee beans can grow in almost any environment but are not considered to be as tasty as Arabica coffee beans.

Arabica coffee beans are the premium coffee beans. They are grown in the dense rain forest of South and Central America. They are a little smaller than the Robusta beans. They are known as the low acid coffee because of their high concentration of caffeine. Arabica coffee is known for its superior taste and aroma. It contains around 2- 4% caffeine.

80% of the world’s coffee is made from Arabica coffee beans. It is a low-yielding plant, producing fewer beans than its rival species, Robusta coffee beans. Consequently, Arabica coffee beans are more expensive, which means you can expect to pay more for Arabica coffee beans than Robusta.

100% Arabica Coffee Beans

All Arabica Coffee Beans are derived from two basic types of Coffee Beans, Arabica and Robusta.

Robusta coffee beans are hardier, have higher caffeine content and are grown at lower elevations. They are the primary source for ordinary instant and freeze dried coffees plus the many varieties of blended coffees.

It is from the mountain grown Arabica coffee beans that the specialty Gourmet Coffee Beans are derived and processed.

The best Arabica coffee beans grow on coffee trees that take longer to mature and cultivate but deliver better quality, larger, denser coffee beans with less caffeine. 100% Arabica coffee beans are known as the better-tasting, specialty gourmet coffee and the coffee of choice for most specialty coffee stores, coffee shops and avid coffee drinkers.

Are Arabica Beans healthy?

It depends what you mean by healthy. Different people have different definition of being healthy. Some people define it as being disease free. Some people define it as being fit and active. So, those who define it based on the first definition will find Coffee (or any hot drink) unhealthy because the heat kills some of the health benefits of the coffee. But, those who define it based on the second definition will find Coffee (or any hot drink) healthy since it helps in digestion, keeps you warm and active.

Where did Arabica coffee originate and where is it grown now?

Arabica coffee originates from the Ethiopian highlands. Since then, it has grown all over the world, mostly in Latin America.

Arabica coffee plant is an evergreen bush. It is native to the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia, but today is grown in many countries in Africa as well as in Central and South American countries. Arabica coffee is also called Coffea Arabica. It has thin, glossy, deep-green leaves. Its flowers are white, small, and grow in clusters. Arabica coffee plants produce berries which look like a cherry. These berries are red when they ripen, and they turn brown when they are ripe.

Arabica Coffee Beans for Home Use

In recent years Arabica gourmet coffee roasters and retailers have realized the excellent market potential of people who want to brew coffee at home using 100% Arabica coffee beans.

In order to meet consumer demand, Arabica coffee production now includes specialty whole bean Arabica coffees. Buy specialty Arabica coffee beans from That’s Coffee including;

Natural Organic Gourmet Arabica Coffee Beans

Specialty organic coffee beans are grown naturally, without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemical fertilizers, and these help sustain the environment. Natural organic coffee beans are all-natural and produce a mildly acidic, palatable cup of coffee.

Natural organic Arabica coffee may be slightly higher priced but are well worth it for those who are environmentally conscious and still want the superb gourmet coffee taste of 100% Arabica coffee.


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