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Different Coffee Grinds

The noun “grinds” refers to the different degrees of ground coffee; for example, there are fine, medium, and coarse “grinds.” When you purchase whole coffee beans you have the flexibility to grind them to the consistency that is required by your type of coffee maker. Course Grind Coffee The consistency is chunky and has distinct […]

Host a Coffee Tasting Party with these Cupping Tips

We’ve all heard about wine tasting parties but have you heard of the new trend spreading across North America like a wild fire? Cupping is to gourmet coffee aficionados as wine tasting is to wine lovers. In this post we’re going to take a detailed look at what “Cupping” is and how you can properly […]

Eco Friendly Coffee

Have you caught the eco-friendly fever? If you are trying to live your life in a more eco-friendly way here are some ways you can turn your coffee habit more “eco” friendly. Sustainable Coffee Beans There isn’t an official label or title for coffee beans that promote sustainability of resources (both natural resources and human […]

Tips for Pairing Coffee and Food

Has it ever occurred to you that you can pair coffee with food just like you would pair a particular white or red wine with an appetizer, meal or dessert? Yesterday I had a customer ask me to recommend a good breakfast coffee to go along with typical breakfast foods. Today I came across an […]

Dry Processing vs. Wet Processing Coffee Beans

Did you know that there are different methods to processing coffee before the coffee beans are even roasted? The two primary methods are dry processing and wet processing; the names give us hints as to how each process occurs. Dry Processing Coffee Beans Dry processing coffee beans is the older method of the two. This […]

Coffee Consumption in the US

Recent research by StudyLogic reports that coffee consumption is growing in popularity! Consider the statistics: US is still the world’s biggest consumer of coffee Americans drank 77.4 billion cups of coffee in the year ended June 30 American coffee consumption valued at $35.79 billion during the same year Consumption of coffee in the workplace was […]

What is a Peaberry Coffee Bean?

Peaberry coffee beans are a particular type of coffee bean that develop as a single seed inside the coffee cherry compared to regular coffee beans that develop two seeds. Normally, the two seeds press up against each other as they grow creating a flat side to the finished bean. Peaberry coffee beans mature into round […]


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