Travel the World on a Cup of Java


For many of us there is nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee – it is the friend who greets you in the morning and chases the sleep away. It is the moments shared between good friends. It is the warmth that chases the chill from your bones and fills the air with a comforting aroma. That is what is so appealing about a Cupping Party. Take good friends, sampling and savouring good, no strike that, great coffees from around the world and you get lasting memories and a complete understanding of the nuances of coffee.

As a follow up to our last post on How to Host a Coffee Tasting Party today we will explore two sample packs from That’s Coffee that you can use for your tasting party! Don’t settle for mediocre coffee beans from your local grocery store or even coffee shop – order fresh roasted ½ pound bags of a variety of specially selected coffee beans!

Take Your Guests Around the World with the Exotic World Roasts Sampler

Travel to Java to immerse your guests in the Dutch/Indonesian culture. With exquisite aromas and flavour our Java Dutch Estate Beans will delight your guests with a heavily bodied coffee underscored with a hint of chocolate.

Taste the exotic with Monsooned Voyage Coffee Beans from India. Using top grade Arabica beans, a sweet, mildly fermented fruity flavour is lovingly created from laying the beans in open trays over a 16 week period to absorb the hot humid air. They are then left for up to two month to dry naturally. The result is a suave, full bodied and exotic flavoured cup of Joe.

Take an African Safari with Tanzania Peaberry Beans. Only 5% of the coffee beans harvested are oval or pea-shaped, and it is these rare Peaberries harvested from the slopes of Kilimanjaro that will delight your guests with a lively concentrated coffee flavour and delightful lightly acidic undertone.

Immerse your guests in rainforest wonder with Costa Rica Reserve. Your guests will be transported to the high mountain elevations as the hard dense beans are ground to unlock these wonderfully aromatic and perfectly balanced flavours. For the smoky flavours of the rainforest share the Guatemala Antigua beans, grown above 4600 feet, this superb coffee delivers a medium bodied flavour with a powerful chocolaty aroma

Celebrate the Birthplace of Coffee with Ethiopian Coffee Sampler

Pay tribute to the birthplace of coffee with an Ethiopian coffee tasting party and help the small holder coffee farmers redevelop their national agricultural industry. Arabica coffee has always grown wild in the forests of Kaffa and Buno districts and affects the livelihood of over 15 million Ethiopians. There are about 700,000 small holders following their indigenous culture of more than 10 generations. When you host a Fair Trade Coffee Party, you are actively helping Ethiopian farmers find a fair deal for their coffee.

Discover the chocolate-winy undertones in the hand harvested, dry processed Longberry Harrar, renowned as one of the world’s oldest coffees. You and your guests will learn firsthand why this ancient drink has travelled the world and become a staple in all of our lives.

Now take your guests on trip through Organic Fair Trade though the bright floral aromas of Ethiopian Sidamo beans. Your pallets will be infused with a deep spicy wine-like flavour sure to be a winner for all.

Now tastes the best. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee is considered the best of East African coffee beans and the finest specialty coffees with a sweet, fragrant, and smooth bodied flavour.  

Serve the best, Serve the Freshest

World renowned as the best, these Ethiopian sampler packs are freshly roasted the day of shipping and then heat sealed in valve bags to lock in the freshness. You will find this is the standard for all of our products so your imagination is your limit when it comes to what sort of theme you can pull together when you host your Coffee Tasting Party.

To get your sampler pack ordered for your Coffee Tasting Party check out our great selection of gourmet coffee sample packs!


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