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Sugar Free and No Sugar Frappuccinos (Part 4 of The Skinny Frappuccino Series)

For years we have heard of the dangers of aspartame derivatives and sugars, so most of us believe there is no hope to find a tasty and healthy alternative to those delicious little white crystals. But if you are struggling to bring your diabetes under control, and that Frappuccino is looking oh so tempting, here […]

Studies Show Coffee is Good for You … Drink Up!

According to several recent studies posted on, coffee is promising to be a healthy drink habit. The research shows that coffee drinkers, compared with non-drinkers have: Less cases of type 2 diabetes, Less heart rhythm problems and strokes Less Parkinson’s disease and dementia But, and here is the kicker, coffee is not proven to […]

Javita Coffee Ingredients

Please note: We no longer sell Javita coffee products. If you are interested in purchasing please search Google for “Javita Coffee” to find a current reseller. Upon your first taste of Javita Coffee you will notice a distinct flavor. The natural herbal undertones make Javita coffee taste different than most instant coffees. Not necessarily better […]

Caffeine Inhalers – Will They Replace Gourmet Coffee?

“Breathable Energy … Anytime, Anyplace” Last month the dietary supplement product called AeroShot was introduced to New York and Boston consumers as quick way to get enough caffeine in their system that is equivalent to a large cup of coffee. The small canister is about the size of a tube of lipstick and releases a […]

What do you mean “Acidic Coffee”?

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they say that coffee is acidic or high in acidity? Perhaps you have experienced heart burn after drinking a cup of coffee and know first hand that certain coffees can be acidic. Coffee Cupping Characteristics Just like wine tasting, coffees can be tested and described using a […]

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