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6 Recent Coffee Studies That Show Coffee is Good for You

There has been an argument raging for years about whether coffee is good or bad for you. Some point to the insomnia that many coffee drinkers suffer from. Others talk about the refreshing buzz they get from a morning and mid-afternoon coffee break. Some say coffee contributes to high blood pressures, while others argue that it is a natural diuretic, just like water pills.

 Fox News has just released the results of scientific coffee research from around the world, and the news is all good! Let’s take a look at the studies and the conclusions each research body presented.

1) Spanish studies show coffee increases the calories you burn.

The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism just published research that measured trained athletes when given caffeine before exercising against those that ingested a placebo. It was found that the caffeine group burned about 15% more calories for 3 hours after exercise. The best dose was found to be roughly a 12 oz. cup of coffee!

Key Takeaway: Drink a cup of coffee before you exercise and burn 15% more calories!

2) Japanese research team show coffee increases circulation.

Participants in the analysis of how coffee affects the circulatory system were given a 5 ounce cup of either decaf coffee or regular coffee. Over the first 75 minute period the finger blood flow was gauged to measure how well the capillaries flowed. Those who had the caffeinated coffee showed a 30% increase in blood flow! This means increased improved oxygenation.

Key Takeaway: Drink a coffee before exercise to feed your body more oxygen!

3) Caffeine research at John Hopkins University shows memory enhancement.

During this coffee research non-coffee drinking participants were given 200 mg of caffeine or a placebo just five minutes after studying a set of images. The following day all participants were asked to remember the images – the caffeinated group scored significantly higher.

Key take away: A few cups of coffee a day will help your memory! Someone should test this on students cramming for crucial exams!

4) University of Illinois research shows coffee fights pain.

When the coffee test groups were given either a caffeine-less liquid or two to three cups of coffee an hour before a 30 minute high-intensity workout, the coffee drinkers reported less perceived pain.

Key Takeaway: Coffee before a grueling sporting event will help get you beyond the wall of pain! (Maybe that’s what those Netherlanders did to win all those medals in cross country skiing!)

5) Coventry University reports caffeine offsets muscle loss.

Sports scientists reported that caffeine helped offset muscle strength loss that occurred with animal aging. The effects were seen in both the diaphragm (the primary muscle used to breathe) and in skeletal muscles.

Key Takeaway: Coffee keeps you young, strong and breathing right

6) Journal of Applied Physiology research shows caffeine/carb combo creates muscle glycogen.

Muscle glycogen is a form of carbohydrate that is stockpiled in the muscle as a “piggy-bank” to power endurance and strength moves. Researchers reported that compared to consuming just carbohydrates, the caffeine/carb combo participants had an increase of 66% muscle glycogen a full 4 hours after an intense workout. 

Key Takeaway: Coffee and a donut is good for you. Really? Well coffee and carbs combined actually do help give you more endurance and strength.

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