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Top 10 Coffee Statistics

top coffee statistics

While many people cannot fathom the thought of getting up and not starting the day without coffee.  They also don’t think about everything that went into that coffee.  From the farmers that grow it to shipping and importing, processing, and getting it out on the shelves.  There is a lot that goes into that one […]

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee Trivia

When looking for interesting information about coffee we found some interesting facts worthy of the Trivial Pursuit game! Like did you know that Sanka was the first coffee brand to produce decaffeinated coffee? Or that there are coffee trees that naturally grow decaffeinated cherries? These “decaf trees” are very rare as caffeine usually acts as a coffee […]

Tips for Pairing Coffee and Food

Has it ever occurred to you that you can pair coffee with food just like you would pair a particular white or red wine with an appetizer, meal or dessert? Yesterday I had a customer ask me to recommend a good breakfast coffee to go along with typical breakfast foods. Today I came across an […]

Coffee Consumption Around the Globe

via Ever wondered who drinks the most coffee around the Globe?, coming in at number one is Finland (12/kg/person/year). Finland is followed by: Norway (9.9kg /person/year),  Iceland (9/kg/person/year), Denmark (8.7 /kg/person/year), Netherlands (8.4 /kg/person/year), Sweden (8.2 /kg/person/year), Switzerland (7.9 /kg/person/year), Canada (6.5 /kg/person/year), Germany (6.4 /kg/person/year) Brazil (5.6 /kg/person/year), Italy (5.9 /kg/person/year), Greece (5.5 /kg/person/year), France […]

Seoul’s Novel Coffee Houses

One of the new and hip coffee houses opening in Seoul – Cat Cafe is the home to the neighborhood cats customers get to sip their coffee and cuddle up with a friendly feline. In Seoul coffee culture is booming and its tough competition for those opening coffee shops so many have become very creative […]

Coffee Culture in India

India has a booming coffee culture in fact it boosts one of the Worlds best baristas Felix Daniel. Felix Daniel is one of India’s Ace brewmasters he even represented India in the World Barista Championship. The World barista championship features baristas from 54 countries. Last year the winner was American Michael Phillips of Intelligentsia in […]

Coffee Knowledge:Quinic acid

Quinic acid (pronounced ‘Kwinik’) is what gives coffee that slightly sour or acidic taste. It’s a natural compound found in many other vegetation, like carrot leaves and apples, peaches and pears. It’s also one of the key ingredients to the Tamiflu formula. Tamiflu is a prescription medicine that is known for shortening flu symptoms.

New Orleans Coffee Festival

Every November New Orleans hosts a coffee festival. It is a celebration of all things coffee complete with food and live music. Last year over 5000 people attended. It takes place at the Feret Market on November 6th from 12 noon – 5pm. Attendees will have the chance to learn about the origin of coffee […]