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How to Store Gourmet Coffee Beans

store gourmet coffee beans

Coffee is the lifeblood of most people’s morning routines. Without a fresh pot of gourmet coffee most people would feel sluggish, unmotivated, and easily irritable. To avoid this, we recommend everyone keep a constant supply of properly stored gourmet coffee beans in their kitchen at all times. But how should said coffee be stored? What […]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Premium Coffee

The history of this country was built upon a cup of premium coffee. Coffee is the most consumed beverage in America. It is the second most traded commodity in the world and a staple of our culture, economy, and morning routines. For centuries our society has visited coffee shops for stomach-wrenching blind dates, to sign […]

El Salvador Coffee Plantations for Tourists

In the media recently we have been hearing about how El Salvador is having a tough time keeping its coffee industry profitable. The costs of coffee production keep increasing in El Salvador despite coffee prices declining – meaning it costs more to grow the coffee beans but the farmers can’t increase their prices to compensate. […]

Has Coffee Really Changed America?

Today National Geographic News online writer Brian Clark Howard posted a News Watch article titled, “How Coffee Changed America“. The article starts off with sharing an infographic of the time line of coffee in America which some interesting coffee statistics are presented: Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity in the world US coffee drinkers […]

Drink up, It’s Good for You!

A recent study in the Journal of the American Heart Association- Stroke has shown that woman who drink one or more cups of coffee a day have a 22-25% less chance of having a stroke.  Another study conducted by researchers at Harvard found an association between coffee consumption and the risk of diabetes. Still more […]

Paying More for Coffee? (Part 2)

You have likely heard about the increases in commodity pricing and are probably starting to feel the pinch on your wallet. Unfortunately coffee, and in particular Arabica Coffee, is included in these price increases. After reading through several articles, there are several explanations for the increase in coffee prices the world is facing in 2011. […]

Paying More for Coffee?

You may have noticed that you have been paying more for coffee lately here are some reasons why: 1. Supply Vs Demand- more people are drinking coffee than ever before and less people are wanting to grow it. 2. Climate – like all crops coffee cultivation is affected by the climate and as a plant […]

US Coffee Statistics

Ever wondered what US cities drink the most coffee, who spends the most on coffee and has the most coffee shops well here are the Statistics: City Coffee shops per 100,000 residents Average monthly spending on coffee $ Seattle 35 36 Portland 28 33 San Jose 20 34 Denver 18 32 San Francisco 20 30 […]


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