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The Best Poems About Coffee

Most of us love to start our day with a good cup of premium coffee.  However, have you ever thought about pairing that with a great poem?  Poems about coffee or coffee poetry are the perfect pair for beginning the day on the right foot.  While most don’t think about poems about coffee or coffee poetry, it is better than reading up on the latest news or events.  Poetry is something that many people love and it always seems to have some hidden meaning that you can discuss with your partner.  This is a fun ritual that many couples enjoy as poetry is a form of expression.

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Ready? Okay, great!

Here are some fun poems that you can enjoy with your loved ones:


Manic Me & Morning Coffee

by Andrew Stull

dear coffee,

it’s not you

it’s me

the sun is out

morning birds sing

all the clocks whisper

and paw at your name

why can’t I have you?

don’t you dare say decaf

it is not the same

mania is back

and you don’t help

no amount of sugar

no sweet candied cream

no I can’t drink you black

please, don’t do this

quit begging me

you’re making a scene

ok, maybe just a sip

just this once

a sip

a swallow

this brain is now mush

this lightning storm feeling

what a **** trip!

I’ll run, swim, chase, and follow

this tasty rabbit

down any dark hole

no lights

no warning bells

my landing gear wrapped

in rusty, twisted metal

my wheels worn thin

too many flights

too many sins

the jump button isn’t there

manic me drifting and existing

and that goddamned

cup of coffee

that gorgeous steam

blowing gorgeous kisses

the air around you feels soft

a pillowtop dream

you sit strong, in my favorite mug

the pond water blue one with the ridged edges and chipped handle

you’ll keep persisting

I’ll keep resisting

coffee, it’s not you

it’s manic me


Spilled Coffee at Sunrise

by Nick

three sips ahead

of sunrise and I

spill it all,

see my coffee

splash wide across

the horizon,

hear the his

of daybreak


and the brief sigh

of another lost day



by: Jennifer Bates

I love a cup of coffee I like a brew or two

A mocha or a latte either one will do

I love a cup of coffee a cappuccino hits the spot

Sprinkle it with chocolate and serve it piping hot

I love a cup of coffee a short black or a long

Just push that little button and make it nice and strong

I love a cup of coffee espresso or flat white

And don’t add any sugar as the taste is always right

I love a cup of coffee a macchiato is just fine

I’d rather have a coffee than have a glass of wine

I love that little coffee bean dark or mild or light

No matter what the time of day morning noon or night

So if I haven’t made it clear I’ll say it one more time

I love a cup of coffee …. is it your shout or is it mine?


Thoughts from within a mug 🙂

by Alicia D Clarke


coffee, so delicate, yet so simple.

it can give you the highest of buzzes,

to the deepest of thoughts.

coffee is a blank canvas.

the drinker is the artist.

splashing vibrant coats of sugar and milk, creamer flowing from brushes. spoons clanking and stirring a beautiful picture.

creating one of a kind work.

to each cup of coffee his own.


Coffee Kisses

by Elizabeth Milnes


It’s always been just coffee kisses,

they’re all I have left to bring.

Overflowing mugs of latte love to spill on your hands, your lips, your heart,

Caffe mocha affection

laced with cappuccino hugs.

Iced or steaming, you decide.

Hazelnut, peppermint, French vanilla

(dulce de leche piquitos para ti)

warm espresso admiration,

americano dreams,

sugared and creamy to sweeten your tongue

served up with a coffee house smile—

bitterness hides in a candied disguise

but not today.

No sugar in the raw, no milk, no cream,

no sweet sticky flavors to trick your lovesick mind,

no fancy names to make you think it’s worth the cost.

Just pure, dark caffeine,

ground up this morning,

rich and smooth, but bitter and dry—

brewed with intention.

Just one coffee kiss, for you.

One plain black coffee kiss.

Take it or leave it.




by Joseph Yzrael

Trembling fingers hold

This brimming cup.

Coffee staring blankly.

Mirrored silence.

Bitter taste invades.

My tongue, no longer

Tastes. Scent of bliss

Lingers in my veins.

I drink too soon, cup

Upends, its contents

Spilled in my lap. Reflected

My soul and my heart.


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