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Top 5 Benefits of Premium Coffee

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While we all have a love for coffee, have you ever stopped to think that it might be healthy for you too?  Sure, we love all things unhealthy for us such as sweets and chocolate.  However, coffee has some really great health benefits, which might surprise you. 

What are Premium Coffee Beans?

Premium Coffee is any coffee that is grown, processed, and manufactured to meet a consistent standard of excellence. Coffee aficionados are always willing to pay a premium for a quality bean. Although coffee’s popularity continues to grow, coffee drinkers still have a preference for quality coffee beans, rather than the generic beans. This is because there is still a difference in quality coffee beans and quality coffee. It is important to know that there is a difference between the two. Quality coffee beans are grown using organic methods, whereas generic coffee is grown using chemicals. Coffee beans are graded based on a number of factors, but the most important are: bean size, moisture content, bean defects, and foreign material. As a result, premium coffee beans will command a higher price than generic coffee beans.

Premium coffee beans is the top 1% of coffee beans that is hand-picked based on size, color and taste. These coffee beans are the top 1% of coffee beans and it takes 150 coffee beans to make a single cup of coffee. It is important to find out if you are buying premium coffee beans if you want to be sure that your coffee is rich in taste, full-bodied, and sweet. It’s important to know too that these coffee beans are fairly priced as it is rare to find these coffee beans.

What are the Benefits of Premium Coffee Beans?

There are many benefits of using premium coffee beans over normal coffee beans. Premium coffee beans are always hand picked and grown in a healthy environment. Normal coffee beans are picked by machine which can cause defects in the beans. These defects can cause a bitter taste in the coffee. It is also less expensive to use premium coffee beans than normal coffee beans. Also the taste of premium coffee beans is better than normal coffee beans. The fact that you are making your coffee from premium beans can make your coffee unique.

1-Reduces Gout Risk

Gout is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis in men.  While there was a study of almost 50K of men, it was found that coffee might actually reduce the serum uric acid levels.  This indicates that premium coffee plays a role in keeping gout in men at bay.   (

2-Potentially Lower Type 2 Diabetes

The number of patients that are affected by type 2 diabetes is increasing year after year.  While millions are affected, it is believed that type 2 diabetes can be kept at bay with drinking premium coffee.  Some results out there are showing that up to 9% improvement for type 2 diabetes.  However, other studies show if people drink 6 or more cups they reduce their chances of getting this disease by 22%! So, this is a great indication that premium coffee has a place on the market to protect our health.  




3-Increases Antioxidants consumption in America

While most Americans love their premium coffee, they aren’t the best at eating healthy.  Because of this, most people get most of their antioxidants from coffee rather than fruits and veggies as they should.  However, this is a good thing for the premium coffee market, as it further shows that coffee is good for you. Coffee actually contains 250 different antioxidants.




4-Reduced Alzheimer’s Disease Risk 

Premium coffee is known to help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.  Brain plaque is thought to be the reason for Alzheimer’s disease.  However, those that drink premium coffee seem to have less of a risk of getting Alzheimer’s.  This gives us good reason to suggest drinking more premium coffee from premium coffee beans is a must.  The phenylindanes are something that emerges from the coffee during the roasting process.  The chemical is a known inhibitor that prevents tau and beta-amyloid, which are two proteins that we find in Alzheimer’s patients.  




5-Premium Coffee Makes us happy!

Premium coffee helps fight off depression and suicide.  That’s right, it not only wakes us up in the morning but also helps with our mood.  This, for whatever reason, seems to be more evident in women.  So, if you needed yet another great reason to enjoy a cup of joe, here’s one.  It can save your life!  Coffee is a great drink that so many of us enjoy.  While we may not have understood the health benefits, they are further conducting studies all the time regarding what promises it might hold.  




Overall though, do we really need fancy studies to tell us that coffee is good for us.  People love coffee and it brings them together.  We meet for coffee and a good chat and enjoy trying different coffee blends with our friends and family.  Coffee is something that is not only a drink but a way of life.  There are coffee shops that are dedicated to well, brewing their very best coffee.  We think that you can agree that coffee does make us happy.  It is the only drink that has entire shops dedicated to it.  

If you haven’t tried coffee yet, what are you waiting for?  There are many different ways to enjoy your cup of joe.  It is served as both hot and cold drinks.  Some people prefer one type over the other but most coffee drinkers like both.  Coffee is a flavor all of its own as well as has a very distinctive smell.  In fact, it is said that it is one of the most commonly known smells right there for cinnamon and vanilla.  

Coffee is delicious!

While we might enjoy the benefits to premium coffee drinking without even knowing it.  Coffee is a way of life for some people.  It is the first thing they crave as soon as they wake up.  Coffee is something that has a culture all of its own.  It starts with the perfect bean and roasting process.  Many places have their own way of doing things and making their own coffee flavors.  

Be sure to get out there and try some of the various coffees.  Don’t be afraid to explore and mix or blend the various coffee beans together to make your own flavors as well.  The flavor is in the bean, finding what premium coffee bean you like is completely up to your preferences.  That’s why there are so many options to choose from.  Everyone has their own preferences and likes.  

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