From Hawaii’s Kona Coast


Kona coffeeFrom Hawaii’s Kona coast, we bring you handpicked Kona Volcanic Estate gourmet coffee beans.

Did You Know?

Kona coffee is the only Gourmet Coffee grown in the continental US. Incredibly, Kona produces nearly 2,000 lbs of coffee per acre annually. This is the world’s highest yield of Arabica beans per acre; the average yield per acre in other countries is less than 1,000 lbs per acre.

Kona’s high production per acre helps to offset the fact that there are only 3,000 acres of production on the big island of Hawaii. In a good year, Kona can produce up to 6 million pounds of coffee beans. This number may seem large but consider other countries such as Costa Rica who produce nearly 168,000 tons (or 336,000,000 lbs) per year.

Despite this rarity (or perhaps because of its rare status) Kona ranks consistently near the top in terms of world’s greatest and most sought after specialty coffees. This medium roast gourmet coffee delivers a complex aroma with a rich medium body and flavor.

When you Buy Kona Coffee ‘Volcanic Estate’ your gourmet coffee beans are freshly roasted the day they are shipped.

  • Medium Roasted
  • Available in 1lb and 5lb bags
  • Heat sealed valve bags lock in freshness

“From Hawaii’s Kona Coast”
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