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Kenya Coffee History

Although a rather small country it is estimated that nearly one-fifth of Kenya’s 32 million people earn their living directly or indirectly through the Kenyan coffee industry. This is a staggering number when you consider that Kenya coffee beans, some of the most widely available coffee beans in the world, were not even cultivated until as late as 1893.

Many of Kenya’s coffee plantations are small family run operations but most are well educated in agriculture and part of Kenya’s highly successful coffee cooperative.

Kenya Coffee Description

Kenya AA Gourmet Coffee Beans are often mistaken as a “type” of Kenya coffee bean when in actuality it is the highest grade given for Kenya coffee bean size, shape and density. Kenya AA is the largest grade of Kenya coffee bean and one of major factors considered when determining coffee quality. There is no doubt however that the full-bodied aroma and complex fruity flavor of Kenya coffee beans ranks it among the very best of the world’s finest gourmet Arabica coffees.

Kenyan Coffee Production

The red volcanic soils of Kenya, especially in the high mountainous plateaus of Mount Kenya, are quite acidic and no doubt contribute greatly to the unique flavor of Kenya AA coffee beans. Some of the best Kenya coffee beans are grown at elevations above 5000 feet and most are wet-processed. In all, Kenya produces over 2 million bags of Kenya coffee beans a year.

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