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Yirgacheffe vs. Sidamo

Ethiopia is famous for their coffee and rightfully so. The African country is credited with discovering the coffee bean back in the 9th century and ever since the world’s population has been fixed on the caffeinated beverage. Although coffee is grown and produced in a number of countries in the Coffee Belt around the globe, few are able to rival Ethiopia’s unique and wonderful flavors.

We recently had a customer inquire about our Ethiopian coffee and the differences in taste between our Yirgacheffe and Sidamo beans. Here’s a breakdown of how they differ.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee –
That’s Coffee Bestseller

  • In our Top 5 Bestseller List
  • Light-medium roast
  • Soft, fragrant and flowery taste
  • Sweet, rich and smooth body
  • Wet Processed – this means that the coffee beans are processed with the fleshly pulp still around the bean for 72 hours. This causes the final roasted coffee bean to be more acidic and have a cleaner, floral taste. It also gives the brewed coffee an earthy taste.

Yirgacheffe Customer Reviews:

“Easy on the palate and very satisfying”
“Smooth tasting with earthy tones”
“Several fruity layers that unfold as you drink the coffee”

Sidamo Coffee –
Certified Organic and Fair Trade

  • Certified Organic coffee beans – these Ethiopian beans are 100% chemical free. No pesticides or herbicides are used on the coffee plant and no chemicals are used during the processing and roasting stages.
  • Certified Fair Trade coffee beans – these beans are grown and sold using socially responsible practises
  • Smooth medium roast
  • Light-bodied taste develops on your palate over time
  • Bright floral-like flavors and aromas
  • Spicy and wine-like flavors
  • Dry Processed – meaning the coffee beans are first stripped of the fleshy pulp and then processed. As a result the coffee features lower acidity.

Sidamo Customer Reviews:

“Very smooth taste experience”
“Of the six different organic coffees we ordered to try, the Organic Ethiopian Sidamo is our favorite”
“My favorite African coffee – it has a subtle sweet yet mild aftertaste”

Whether you choose the Yirgacheffe or Sidamo coffee beans we will roast your order just prior to shipping and package your Ethiopian beans in our heat-sealed valve bags to ensure optimal freshness. Enjoy some of the best coffee beans Ethiopia has to offer today!

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