Introducing New Gourmet Coffees!

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A few months ago we introduced our Javita Instant Coffee line and this week we are proud to officially launch a number of new gourmet coffees! Make sure to try these coffees out on your next order with us.

Ethiopia Longberry Harrar
Available in Regular and Decaf

These Ethiopian coffee beans have been unavailable to us for a few years now and we are pleased that they are finally back. This is one of the oldest Ethiopian and African varietals of coffee beans. The Longberry Harrar is traditionally hand harvested and dry processed to produce a heavy bodied coffee with complex. Like most Gourmet African Coffees you will notice winy flavors and chocolaty undertones.

Kiramiro Burundi AA Coffee Beans Africa

We are excited to introduce this brand new coffee to us from the “Land of a Thousand Hills”: Burundi AA. Burundi is a small country in Africa close to Tanzania and Rwanda and has an economy driven by coffee production. You’ll notice the distinct flavors of lemon and a spicy black tea in this sweet and nutty coffee. Light roasted, this makes for a great cup of afternoon coffee.

Timor Coffee Beans
Organic and Fair Trade

Last but not least we’ve added a new coffee to our Organic Coffee Collection all the way from the South Asian island of Timor. This co-operative coffee bean is smaller in size and greenish-yellow in color when unroasted. There are over 500 farms on the island of Timor working together in 15 coffee co-ops! You’ll notice this coffee’s spicy and herbal flavors. Best of all it’s organic and fair trade!

Organic Sulawesi Port Icewik Coffee Beans
Back by Popular Demand

We are once again roasting this rare Indonesian coffee bean from remote Sulawesi coffee plantations. Enjoy a portion of Sulawesi’s very small annual yield of coffee (less than 600 bags a year!) and discover the organic and fair trade flavors of cinnamon and spicy cedar pine.

Stay tuned as we continue to expand our collection of Gourmet Coffee Beans.


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