Choosing Fair Trade and Organic Mexican Coffee Beans

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Mexico has become a leading producer of gourmet coffee beans for Americans as Mexican Coffee Beans the unique characteristics are captivating.

Mexican coffees are known for their  light bodied, nutty flavor, brighter acidity levels and hints of chocolate. Some drinkers even compare the flavors of Mexican coffee beans to a light white wine as it has an enjoyable dry, acidic snap.

Overall, the flavors are mild and sweet. Because of their characteristics, the beans are often used a base for many coffee blends.

The Story behind Mexican Coffee Beans

Mexican farmers first began growing and harvesting coffee beans in the late 1700’s.

Coffee farms are primarily located in the southern tip of Mexico, where the land bends to the East. This means the coffee beans are high mountain-grown and known as Altura.

For the most part, Mexican coffee farms are small, locally owned and operated. Despite the small farms, coffee bean output has increased in Mexico. Now, Mexico is ranked 6th overall of the top coffee producing countries.

North Americans benefit from the majority of fine Mexican coffee beans due to their close physical proximity to Mexico. Unfortunately, for North American coffee drinkers, some of the most highly acclaimed Mexican coffee bean estates sell their beans almost exclusively to European markets.

Fair Trade and Organic Attributes

Mexican coffee farmers have become masters in the fair trade movement and offer conscious coffee drinkers sustainable coffee. They take pride in their growing and harvesting of fair trade coffee beans.

Furthermore, Mexico is a top producer of certified organic coffee beans. Many coffee drinkers prefer organic Mexican organic fair trade coffee beans as they are free of any harmful chemicals, including pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Brew Your Own Coffee the Mexican Way

In Mexico, coffee drinkers typically add a small pinch of cinnamon to the coffee grinds before the brewing. The addition adds a distinct flavor and also aids in reducing the acidity levels.

Try Some Mexican Coffee Yourself

It is said that Mexican coffees can range drastically in taste and it is worth testing several kinds. Why not start with a few of the most popular selling Organic Mexican Coffee Beans?

Mexico Aztec Gourmet Coffee Beans – high-mountain grown and hand picked featuring floral aromas and a medium body.

Mexico Aztec Decaf Gourmet Coffee Beans – same as the regular version with up to 97% of the caffeine removed.

Mexico Natural Organic Gourmet Coffee Beans – 100% organic and fair trade gourmet beans with a medium body and delicate acidity.

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