Guide To Choosing Gourmet Specialty Coffee


An increasing number of people prefer gourmet specialty coffee these days. Selective coffee drinkers are on the rise and this has directly resulted in the increased interest in gourmet specialty coffee. These sophisticated coffee beans are tickling a rising number of taste buds and are in great demand throughout the world. What makes the gourmet coffee so delicious are the gourmet beans. These beans have a distinct and natural flavor which is a direct result of the soil in which they are grown. They are given special attention throughout the growing process. All this distinguishes these specialty coffee beans from the many varieties of coffee beans.

How to Buy Gourmet Specialty Coffee Beans

The Arabica coffee beans tend to be the richest in flavor amongst all other coffee beans. Therefore they are generally the beans that are used for making gourmet or specialty coffee. In order to get the full taste of the gourmet coffee beans, you should buy them whole instead of pre-ground since the root cause of the flavor lies in the oils that are inside the coffee beans. From the moment they are removed from the roaster, these beans begin to lose some of their natural flavor. You need to look for gourmet coffee beans that are packaged using air tight containers or better still; buy them unroasted or from local shops which roast their own distinct coffee beans. This will ensure that you buy the freshest gourmet coffee beans.

Flavor Strength of Gourmet Coffee Beans

With so many choices available before you, it is easy to get confused on whether it is best to buy a strong or milder flavor. You need to know that when making a cup of coffee, the strength of flavor of the actual coffee bean is only part of the equation. The amount of water that you use when making your coffee is what will make the most difference on weather the coffee is strong or mild. Different types of gourmet coffee beans can have a definitive robust taste. The type of grind can also directly affect taste, as you try out different varieties of coffee beans.

The distinct flavor and taste of gourmet specialty coffee also depends to a lot of extent on the grinding process of beans. You will also need to ensure that you brew the coffee in a quality coffee maker. Once you start grinding the coffee beans they start to lose their flavor because of oxidation. It is important to use the freshly ground coffee beans soon after grinding. This will ensure that you enjoy the flavor to the fullest.

Make the Right Choice

It goes without saying that if you want to enjoy the best gourmet specialty coffee; you will also need to have the best coffee maker.  Gourmet specialty coffee can be delightful when you have the right gourmet coffee beans brewed in the right manner.

“Guide to Choosing Gourmet Specialty Coffee”
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