What do you mean “Acidic Coffee”?

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Have you ever wondered what people mean when they say that coffee is acidic or high in acidity? Perhaps you have experienced heart burn after drinking a cup of coffee and know first hand that certain coffees can be acidic.

Coffee Cupping Characteristics

Just like wine tasting, coffees can be tested and described using a number of cup characteristics. If a coffee is acidic it means that it has a pleasant tartness. The acidity of coffee is one of the four primary categories used to describe or evaluate coffees during cupping. The other three categories are flavor, aroma and body.

Acidity and pH Levels

Rather than tasting the acidity in coffee it can also be measured using the scientific pH scale. Some coffees in particular have constituents that lower its pH level. If you have experienced nervousness, indigestion or heartburn after drinking coffee it is likely because of the low pH factor. That’s Coffee offers a low acidity coffee blend called Mind Your Tummy created for coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs. Made from a blend of gourmet Indian coffee beans this option is pleasant on your taste buds and gentle on your stomach!

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