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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Review

Here are That’s Coffee we have four different Blue Mountain coffees to choose from, all made from Arabica coffee beans. This morning we want to take you on a tropical journey to explore all of these coveted coffees … inspired by the Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend in our coffee mugs. 1. JBM Estate Coffee Beans […]

What is JBM Coffee?

JBM stands for Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. This coffee has become a worldwide brand – one of the only regions of the world to market their own “brand” of coffee in the same way that Starbucks or Folgers do. JBM coffee is cultivated in the Jamaican Blue Mountains in the Caribbean. Strict Jamaican law ensures […]

New Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Sample Pack

Have you had the opportunity to taste world renowned Blue Mountain coffee beans? These coffee beans are among the best in the world. Many die hard coffee lovers are willing to pay the price premium for the exquisite tastes and aromas of these mountain grown beans – are you? We have introduced a new way […]

5 Reasons We Love Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

We have all heard that Jamaica produces some of the very best coffee the world has to offer. But here are our top five reasons we love to brew up and serve Blue Mountain Coffee Beans – and many customer reviews agree with us: 1. Low Acidity Heavy coffee drinkers appreciate the low acidity of […]

The Jamaican Coffee Industry Board

The Jamaican Coffee Industry Board plays a crucial role in Jamaica’s economy as it pertains to the production and export of their highly esteemed high altitude coffee beans. Thanks to the Board’s tight control over licensing, certification and advising Jamaica produces some of the world’s highest quality coffee beans. Purpose of the Board The main […]

What is Cuvee Coffee?

When browsing our products you may have noticed that we sell three different ‘Cuvee’ coffees. The term Cuvee is actually borrowed from the world of French wine which denotes a very special blend or batch of wine. It usually signifies a particular combination of grapes that are superior to the usual combination of grapes used […]

Quality High Altitude Coffee Beans

Any coffee beans grown at altitudes above 3,900 feet and up to 5,200 feet are considered ‘high altitude’ coffee beans. The high altitudes provide ideal growing conditions with the perfect combinations of temperature, light and lower oxygen levels. The specific combination causes the coffee plant and its cherries to ripen much slower than coffee plants […]

Coffees Around the World

In North America, coffee has many traditions. It represents conversation and friendship, is part of the morning routine and aids in boosting energy levels. But what about coffees around the world? Most people who travel have interesting stories of sharing a meal with a local or experiencing a new food or drink very different from […]

Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets

If you are racking your brains over that ideal gift for Christmas, birthday or a corporate event, and the recipient is a coffee lover; then a “gourmet coffee gift basket” can be the perfect choice! Gourmet coffee beans pass through several processes to ensure that only the beans having the best size, flavor, color and […]

Premium Coffee Beans

When you shop for specialty coffee (or “premium coffee’), the sheer variety of coffee available in the market today can make your head spin. Of those hundreds of coffee varieties, only a few can really be called premium coffee, although the term is used quite generously for any kind of coffee. Let’s look at what […]