Coffees Around the World

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In North America, coffee has many traditions. It represents conversation and friendship, is part of the morning routine and aids in boosting energy levels.

But what about coffees around the world?

Most people who travel have interesting stories of sharing a meal with a local or experiencing a new food or drink very different from what they are used to. Coffee is no exception. Each country and culture places their own spin on coffee and serves it in a unique way.

Take a trip around the world with That’s Coffee!

Arabian Countriescoffee is served in a small cup without handles and is never sweetened. The handle free cup is picked up using the forefinger and thumb of the right hand.

Australia – waiter asks visitor, if he would like black or white coffee. In this country white coffee means coffee with milk.

Canada – Canadians and their beloved Tim Hortons Restaurants have coined the phrase “Double Double”, which is how most Canadians order their coffee: two creams, two sugars.

Dutch – coffee is brewed strong and served with sugar. The strong coffee is served with a jug of milk and a glass of water.

French – like to drink coffee from piala with some chicory.

Greece – is thick and aromatic with a good layer of grounds at the bottom. It is much stronger than most coffee Americans like to drink.

Italy – coffee is usually consumed standing up. A short, dark espresso can be consumed at any time of day but a cappuccino after midday is not done. Italians find the drink too milky and heavy on the stomach to be consumed after meals.

South India – locals like to drink their coffee with a lot of milk and sugar. It helps to soften very spicy and hot food.

Sudan – add some cloves or other spices and serve coffee in the jug.

Turkey – coffee beans are ground very fine, added to water and brought to the boil three times in a long-handled brass pot called an ibrik. Sugar and sometimes cardamom are then added. The coffee is a thick, sweet mass. Some people even believe that the patterns in the grounds can predict the future.

United States – it is estimated that Americans consumer 400 million cups of coffee a day. Americans love their specialty drinks: 50% of the population drink espresso, cappuccino, latte or iced/cold coffees. Interestingly, women indicate drinking coffee is a good way to relax while men indicate that coffee helps them get the job done.

Perhaps you have your own “coffee” inspired story from your travels. We’d love to hear it!

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