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Coffee – The World’s Most Loved Commodity

Like Oil, Gold, Silver and Diamonds, Coffee is a commodity. Actually, there is more demand for coffee than any other commodity. Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day. Because of the demand, coffee growth, production and sales are analyzed, hedged and agonized over in every trading house around the […]

Studies Show Coffee is Good for You … Drink Up!

According to several recent studies posted on, coffee is promising to be a healthy drink habit. The research shows that coffee drinkers, compared with non-drinkers have: Less cases of type 2 diabetes, Less heart rhythm problems and strokes Less Parkinson’s disease and dementia But, and here is the kicker, coffee is not proven to […]

Introducing New Gourmet Coffees!

A few months ago we introduced our Javita Instant Coffee line and this week we are proud to officially launch a number of new gourmet coffees! Make sure to try these coffees out on your next order with us. Ethiopia Longberry Harrar – Available in Regular and Decaf These Ethiopian coffee beans have been unavailable […]