What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

You are what you eat … or in this case, the coffee you drink!

A recent psychological study tells us that how we drink our coffee says everything (and absolutely nothing) about who you are. How you take your coffee, what type of coffee and even the mug you drink from is a reflection of your personality. Who are you?

Black Coffee Advocate

You’re are a pragmatist and don’t like change. Are they accusing you of being boring? But on the opposite side of the spectrum – you try new flavors and don’t hide behind additives; you are bold and adventurous and take things as they come.

Espresso Sipper

Apparently you like the taste of coffee and are a very cheerful person.

Mocha Enthusiast

You hate the taste of coffee and are looking for a fun and tasty way to fit in with your friends who do like coffee. 

Frappuccino Supporter

You say you love coffee, but the truth is you love ice cream treats and just want to look like an adult.

Latte Lover

You are a little less uptight than the black coffee drinker, and you truly like the taste of coffee, but you are traditional and reserved and hate the foamy mustaches that come from whipped drinks.

So there you have it – what you order tells your Barista all about you!


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