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Growing Kenyan Coffee Beans

Kenyan coffee bean farmers are being urged to start using higher yielding varieties of coffee plants in order to benefit from the high prices of coffee in today’s international commodity market. Growing a higher yielding coffee bush is being considered as Kenyan coffee beans are recognized for their consistency in high quality and face a […]

Coffees Around the World

In North America, coffee has many traditions. It represents conversation and friendship, is part of the morning routine and aids in boosting energy levels. But what about coffees around the world? Most people who travel have interesting stories of sharing a meal with a local or experiencing a new food or drink very different from […]

Host Your Own Coffee Cupping Party

Like a wine party only for coffee lovers! Why not invite your friends over for a fun evening sampling coffee’s from around the World. Order beans from the Worlds four main growing regions, Central America, South America, Africa and Indonesia. Consider brewing or cupping (finely grinding the beans then adding hot water over them) a […]

Attributes Of African Coffee Beans

Many coffee connoisseurs enjoy experimenting and trying different coffees and different coffee flavors. This desire is what often leads true coffee lovers to African coffee beans. The distinct dense coffee beans of Africa have a sweet, luscious taste with a renowned aftertaste and aroma typical of certain wine selections. Coffee plants thrive in tropical, humid environments and cannot survive […]

Kenya AA Beans

Buy Kenya Beans Online – Gourmet Kenya AA Kenya Coffee History Although a rather small country it is estimated that nearly one-fifth of Kenya’s 32 million people earn their living directly or indirectly through the Kenyan coffee industry. This is a staggering number when you consider that Kenya coffee beans, some of the most widely […]