Host Your Own Coffee Cupping Party

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Like a wine party only for coffee lovers!

Why not invite your friends over for a fun evening sampling coffee’s from around the World. Order beans from the Worlds four main growing regions, Central America, South America, Africa and Indonesia.

Consider brewing or cupping (finely grinding the beans then adding hot water over them) a Costa Rican coffee, a Kenyan or Ethiopian, Columbian and an Indonesian coffee. Be sure to note the tastes and aroma of each coffee to gain an insight into the various growing regions and specialties of that region. Each region has its own style and environment causing the beans to taste differently.


  • Smell the coffee, taking note of the fragrance does it have citrus, milk or dark chocolate, fruit or spicy qualities the descriptions are endless!
  • Taste slowly swirling it around your mouth, rate the acidity or the first impression of the coffee, good coffee should not be bitter or sour.
  • Rate the body of the coffee or the mouth feel how would you rate the weight or heaviness in your mouth
  • The finish or after taste is vital for a good coffee, the taste should linger in your mouth for 10-15 seconds, like a singer holding the final note then drift away. Will it make a lasting impression for you?

Offer your guests a little score card if desired or simply debate about each coffee among yourselves.

It may introduce you to new and wonderful coffees and your new favorite coffee.

Why not bake some desserts or order some fine chocolates to share, have fun, laugh and talk while experiencing the Worlds Finest coffees.

We would love to help you plan your cupping party why not order our World gift pack or  our Regional collection

Just allow 4-10 days for shipping so we can freshly roast and get your packs ready for your party!

World Coffees Collection

  1. Costa Rica Reserve
  2. Sumatra Mandheling
  3. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
  4. Mexico Spirit of the Aztec
  5. India Malabar Monsooned Voyage
  6. Organic Galapagos Island Estate

Regional Gourmet Coffee Sampler Pack

  1. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
  2. Mexico Spirit of the Aztec
  3. Colombian Supremo La Valle Verde
  4. Rare Sumatra Black Satin

“Host Your Own Coffee Cupping Party”
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