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Dry Processing vs. Wet Processing Coffee Beans

Did you know that there are different methods to processing coffee before the coffee beans are even roasted? The two primary methods are dry processing and wet processing; the names give us hints as to how each process occurs. Dry Processing Coffee Beans Dry processing coffee beans is the older method of the two. This […]

Why Small Batch Roasting is Better

Most gourmet coffee roasters will choose the small batch roasting method over the large batch roasting method for two main reasons: A more consistent roast A fresher roast More Consistent Roast There is something to be said about roasting in smaller batches to ensure quality and consistency. By roasting less than 50 lbs of coffee […]

Meet Your Quota of Brazilian Coffee Beans

With some of the best processing methods including the natural dry method, Brazil is one of the world’s leading coffee producers even though the coffee plant is not native to the country. Brazilian Coffee Bean Attributes The majority (80%) of Brazilian coffee is Arabica. Because of the dry roast method, Brazilian coffee beans feature a […]

Attributes of Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Each type of coffee bean has the ideal roasting time depending on its characteristics. In fact, expert coffee roasters have to perfect specific roasting times to bring out the best flavors in each type of gourmet coffee bean. The longer the coffee bean is roasted, the more of the individual coffee flavors and undertones are […]

The Minimalist!

The perfect brew cone is the ultimate in simple design for making coffee great for travel. It is a simple cone that you place over your coffee mug to make a speedy cup of coffee, the only items needed are coffee, a filter, and hot water. Simple place the cone over a cup add a […]

Brewing Methods

Best Home Coffee Brewing Methods Just as every person is unique, every coffee lover has his or her own favorite method for brewing coffee. The best home coffee brewing method may be a matter of personal taste, so the following is an overview of the most common coffee brewing methods for enjoying coffee at home. […]

Roasting and Blending Coffee Beans

Roasting and blending coffee beans allows us to create even more varieties of unique coffee flavors. Coffee blending is an art where different coffee beans are blended together to create new and exciting coffee flavors that complement each other so as to give a balanced and unique cup of our favorite beverage. Why Blend Coffee […]

Coffee Houses, Cafes & Online Coffee Stores

Coffee houses have become ever more popular in the last decade. The coffee shop is one of those much loved places that has its own inviting and heart warming appeal to so many of us. There are coffee houses practically on every street corner offering the pure and passionate taste of freshly ground coffee that […]

Gourmet Coffee Roasters

Most coffee lovers would prefer to start their day with a cup of freshly roasted gourmet coffee. But this dream is too often just that, a dream.  When people realize how costly it can be when buying prepared gourmet coffee from a local coffee shops. People tend to think that they can only enjoy a […]

Finding the Best Gourmet Beans

Coffee beans are seeds from the coffee plant; the gourmet beans basic ingredient is the protein-filled and water-dissolvable fiber that contains between 0.8% to 2.5% caffeine. The extraction of the caffeine content is a primary factor in raising and growing coffee plantations although some use a decaffeinated process for their coffee. Gourmet beans are classified […]