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What are Varietal Gourmet Coffees?

Varietal is a term that refers to the variety of the coffee bean by the specific region or country of origin. You can recognize varietal coffees because they are usually named after a region such as Kona coffee beans or Brazilian coffee beans as opposed to being named after a roast or brand name. To […]

Gourmet Coffee Bean Characteristics & Terms

Do you think it’s weird to describe your cup of coffee as acidic, balanced or complex? There are a number of coffee characteristics used to describe the flavor profiles that can originate from the variety of coffee bean, the processing method and the roast. The combination of these factors generates very different flavor profiles in […]

A Visit to Hawaii – Drinking Gourmet Kona Beans Every Morning

I recently spent a week in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Maui enjoying the sandy beaches, snorkeling in the sparkling blue waters and of course … drinking fresh Maui and Kona grown coffee beans. What a delight to have such easy access to Hawaii’s world renowned coffee – some of the most sought after […]

From Hawaii’s Kona Coast

From Hawaii’s Kona coast, we bring you handpicked Kona Volcanic Estate gourmet coffee beans. Did You Know? Kona coffee is the only Gourmet Coffee grown in the continental US. Incredibly, Kona produces nearly 2,000 lbs of coffee per acre annually. This is the world’s highest yield of Arabica beans per acre; the average yield per […]

Gourmet Coffee Review

Ever wonder what other gourmet coffee lovers are ordering? Our top 10 top coffees include: Sumatra Black Satin Roast (dark roast) African Tanzania Peaberry (light/medium roast) Kenya AA (medium roast) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (light/medium roast) Sumatra Gayo Mountain Organic (light/medium roast) Verdi Espresso (dark roast) Guatemala Organic Coffee (light/medium roast) Costa Rica Reserve Coffee (light/medium roast) […]

El Salvador Cuzcachapa Cooperative – Naturally Organic Coffee Beans

Voted the “Best Coffee Company in El Salvador” in 2007 the CuzcaCoffee Co-op (also known as the Cuzcachapa Co-operative) has been producing and exporting some of the best coffee beans in the world. The co-op processes over 15 million pounds of 100% Arabica coffee beans each year and about 15,000 bags of specialty coffee. The […]

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee – Unique Gourmet African Coffee

The East African country of Tanzania is just three degrees south of the Equator. Situated right along the world’s coffee belt, this country has become famous for a very particular type of coffee bean – the Peaberry. The country is surrounded by Zambia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya as well as situated along the slopes […]

Quality High Altitude Coffee Beans

Any coffee beans grown at altitudes above 3,900 feet and up to 5,200 feet are considered ‘high altitude’ coffee beans. The high altitudes provide ideal growing conditions with the perfect combinations of temperature, light and lower oxygen levels. The specific combination causes the coffee plant and its cherries to ripen much slower than coffee plants […]