What are Varietal Gourmet Coffees?

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Varietal Coffee BeansVarietal is a term that refers to the variety of the coffee bean by the specific region or country of origin. You can recognize varietal coffees because they are usually named after a region such as Kona coffee beans or Brazilian coffee beans as opposed to being named after a roast or brand name.

To get the full effect of taste flavors unique to varietal coffees search for single origin varietals. This means that the coffee beans are all from one region and the tastes are reflective of the unique growing conditions.

Arabica Coffee Varietals

On a broad scale there are two main types of coffee varieties or species: Arabica and Robusta. Remember that Arabica coffee beans are of superior quality and have better taste characteristics than Robusta coffee beans.

Most gourmet coffee companies roast only Arabica coffee beans to obtain a superior tasting coffee even though Robusta beans are both less expensive to grow and yield a larger crop.

Most Popular Gourmet Coffee Varieties

Some of our most popular and world famous gourmet varietal coffees are:

  • Hawaiian Kona coffee beans
  • Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans
  • Costa Rica coffee beans
  • Kenya AA coffee beans
  • Sumatra coffee beans

Tips for Choosing Varietal Gourmet Coffees

Although gourmet varietal or single origin coffees are not expensive you should be prepared to invest a little more than what you would pay for a can of pre-ground supermarket coffee. The superior taste of varietal coffee is well worth it! When you are ready to buy varietal gourmet coffees, remember to:

  • Order whole beans to ensure that your varietal coffee is as fresh as possible
  • Choose a gourmet coffee roaster who roasts its varietal beans in small batches so that you get a consistent, high quality roast
  • Look for varietal coffee beans online rather than in stores as it ensures the beans are roasted as close as possible to when you purchase. In store varietal beans may have been roasted more than month before being placed on the store shelf. Comparatively, online coffee roasters will often roast your coffee bean order the same day as they ship it to you.
  • Order in bulk. If you know you enjoy a particular varietal coffee consider ordering in bulk – many gourmet coffee stores online sell 5lb bags. Better yet, most online retailers also offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount; ordering bulk helps you meet this requirement.
  • Keep your eye out for ‘limited time only’ varietal coffee beans. These are rare coffee beans originating from small coffee farms; once the supply is gone, it’s gone! The taste and flavor profile can’t be reproduced in other varietal coffee beans.

That’s Coffee Single Origin, Varietal Coffees

We currently offer 20 different varietal coffee beans from the major coffee regions of the world. These 100% Arabica coffees are roasted fresh for each customer order in small batches so your enjoyment is guaranteed!

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