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Have you heard of the coffee belt before?

It’s the region that spans the equator and wraps around our planet, roughly enclosed by the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. This region is ideal for growing and cultivating coffee beans. Unique features include:

  • Soil
  • Climate
  • Temperature
  • Altitudes

Countries Famous for their Coffee

There are about 70 countries located within the coffee belt that are divided into four main regions:

Central America – famous for its high altitude coffee beans, Central America’s main coffee countries include Jamaica and Costa Rica.

South America – Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela are the main coffee producing countries in South America where coffee beans typically have a light body and sharp acidity.

Arabia and Africa – known as the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia and other African counties such as Kenya, along with Yemen and Arabia produce distinguished coffee beans

Asia and Indonesia – often overlooked, Sumatra and Kona are popular coffee locations in the Pacific, as well as India, Myanmar and Java Dutch.

Travel the Coffee Globe with ‘World Tour’ Blend

The World Tour blend is a perfect way to have the best of all these coffee growing regions in one cup. Each region stands to bring a unique flavor attribute to the cup of coffee and all of the coffee beans chosen are blended to compliment and bring out the best overall taste. Our World Tour Blend has always been available but is now also available as Decaf!

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From our coffee cup to yours … Enjoy!

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