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Mocha Java coffee blends bring the best of both worlds together: a bittersweet chocolate flavor and a rich, delicious coffee taste. It represents the very reason coffee blends are often the best option in that custom coffee blending combines great flavors that compliment each other and would be otherwise unobtainable on their own.

The Mocha Java blend was discovered by mistake long ago. In Al Mukha, an historic Yemini seaport along the Red Sea, someone mistakenly combined Javanese coffee with a local Northeast African coffee. The result was surprising: a delicious new blend that brought together a new, great flavor. The new coffee blend was named after the seaport, “Mokha”, and the Javanese additions: Mocha-Java.

From here, the Dutch began to blend the winy-tasting beans of Africa with the deeper tones of Java. The blend became highly regarded in the 18th century amongst most Europeans. In fact, when cocoa was first introduced into Europe, coffee drinkers compared the taste of cocoa to Mocha coffee, and not the other way around.

Coffee roasters continue to blend high mountain grown coffee beans from Ethiopia (the birthplace of Arabica coffee beans) with high grade Indonesian coffee beans from the island of Java. The Mocha blend typically displays a superb balance between the acidity levels of African coffee and the heavier body and earthy tones of Javanese coffee. It has been described as having a sharp fruity or winy taste with deep body undertones.

Pure and true Mocha-Java coffee is not easy to come by: mocha coffee beans are rare. Some vendors opt to mix their coffees with chocolate flavors to imitate a mocha-java coffee blend. Your online Gourmet Coffee Bean store only sells the pure version: Mocca Java. The gourmet blend consists of the Ethiopian Longberry Harrar bean grown in the fertile mountains areas of Ethiopia and the Java Blawan Estate coffee bean grown in Indonesia. It is a medium roast featuring remarkable hints of nuts and bittersweet chocolate.

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