Your Coffee Addiction May be Grounded in your Genes!

Health Day News is reporting that the amount of caffeine you crave may depend on your genetics. A new study suggests there are two specific genes that drive people to consume more or less of the caffeine stimulant.

Study co-author Dr. Neil Caporaso says, “People don’t really suspect it, but genetics plays a big role in a lot of behaviors, such as smoking and alcohol consumption. And now it turns out that it has a part in how much caffeine we drink.

To get technical, the two genes in discussion are labeled CYP1A2 and AHR. In laymen’s terms, the two are somewhat linked. The first plays a role in the process of metabolizing caffeine while the second regulates the first gene’s activity. New technology is now showing that the CYP1A2 gene is also responsible for the inherited differences in caffeine consumption and how people drink coffee.

Read more about the details of the study and what experts are saying in the full article posted by Health Day.

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