Coffee Break for Kids – Helpful or Harmful?


As families get back into their fall routine of school, after school music lessons and sports leagues one mother made ABC’s Good Morning America for her unusual way of calming her 7 year old son so he can perform all his activities.

Rowan Haskell, as shared by his mother, is a jittery and energetic 7 year old. Haskell self-diagnosed her son with symptoms of ADHD but instead of getting medications that can have side effects she turned to brewing a pot of coffee and serving her son a four ounce cup of coffee twice each day.

Thinking that this may help calm down your super energetic child?

Doctors warn parents that there is no scientific proof that caffeine helps treat ADHD. They also add that caffeine can have harmful side effects in children such as higher blood pressure and headaches.

Read the whole story and watch the video clip online at ABC News US – Second Grader Coffee Break.



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