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How Do you Drink Your Espresso?

Everyone likes their espresso prepared just so … Italians add sugar Germans and Swiss add hot chocolate, in equal parts Mexicans add cinnamon Belgians add chocolate Morccans add peppercorns Ethiopians add a pinch of salt Middle Easterners add cardamom and spices Austrians add whipped cream Egyptians drink it without any additions Why don’t your turn […]

Cappuccino: What’s in a Name?

Do you ever wonder where the word “cappuccino” comes from? The Capuchin order of Friars, in the 16th century, played a major role in bringing Catholicism back to Reformation Europe. These monks wore long pointed hoods, or cappuccino, as part of the order’s habit. The word cappuccino was then used to describe espresso coffee topped […]

Espresso 201: Espresso Based Drinks

In Espresso 101, we learned the basics about espresso, the espresso machine, what to look for in good espresso and tips for making espresso at home. Now that we have the key ingredient in most specialty drinks mastered, we can start in on creating those specialty drinks. Have you ever walked into a coffee shop […]

Espresso 101: The Basics

Espresso is an Italian term commonly understood as “made quickly” just for you. Some may also say that espresso quickly perks you up and makes you more alert. Well with this article, I hope to quickly educate you on the basics of espresso and give you some tips for knowing how to identify good espresso […]

History of Espresso Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages that millions of people from all over the world enjoy. Various coffee shops nowadays are almost always packed with coffee lovers who crave their caffeine fix which completes their day. Stemming from a simple hot beverage, coffee has evolved to different flavors and varieties. Coffee machines are […]

Roasting and Blending Coffee Beans

Roasting and blending coffee beans allows us to create even more varieties of unique coffee flavors. Coffee blending is an art where different coffee beans are blended together to create new and exciting coffee flavors that complement each other so as to give a balanced and unique cup of our favorite beverage. Why Blend Coffee […]

Coffee Houses, Cafes & Online Coffee Stores

Coffee houses have become ever more popular in the last decade. The coffee shop is one of those much loved places that has its own inviting and heart warming appeal to so many of us. There are coffee houses practically on every street corner offering the pure and passionate taste of freshly ground coffee that […]