New Orleans Coffee – As Good for You As It Is To Drink


In New Orleans there is a tradition of coffee that goes as far back as the settlement of the area by the French. Due to shortages during Civil War times, the resilient populace came up with a solution that has become ingrained into the culture that is Louisiana, particularly New Orleans. Once added to tide them over, Chicory has been blended with French Roast and Columbian beans to make New Orleans Chicory coffee. For locals is the only coffee worth drinking.

Is Chicory Good for You?

In Europe, endive, the plant that chicory comes from, grows everywhere, and every part of the plant is used in food menus. Early Romans often used chicory as a health drink to overcome indigestion and to cleanse the blood. Egyptian drank large quantities of the boiled root as a treatment for liver disease and gall bladder problems – it helped with the production of bile and relief of constipation.

That was then – what do we know now?

Well it turns out our European ancestors had it right. Inulin is found in chicory, and recent studies show that inulin stimulates the digestive flora in the intestines, contains no glucose which promotes optimal blood sugar levels, and it is non-digestible, which, like celery, creates stool bulk to help eliminate toxins efficiently.

Testing also indicates a high level of phenolic which creates a polyhenol effect that protects the cardiovascular system. Of course then there is the study that shows a significant reduction of redness and inflammation from rats ingesting chicory roots. Studies show that it’s antibacterial and antifungal. Chicory has also been shown to help to normalize heart rate and has been used use in the treatment of tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), arrhythmia and fibrillation.

Healthy New Orleans Chicory Coffee – What a Concept!

From the point of view of Health and Wellness seekers, New Orleans Chicory Coffee could definitely fit into the health food section of any coffee merchandizer BUT the culture of New Orleans insists that this drink be given its fair due with the top gourmet coffees of the world – and rightly so.

The quality of the beans and roasting puts New Orleans Chicory in the top for flavor, fragrance and body. The tradition of the blend lends reputation and reliability to the coffee tradition. And a dedicated following puts the stamp of approval on this delightful coffee – this one is a category of its own. New Orleans Chicory Coffee is small batch roasted and packaged in heat seal bags on the day of shipment to ensure freshness.

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