Our Chicory Coffee Blend Brings Mardi Gras to Your Home

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Nothing says New Orleans like Mardi Gras and a fine cup of Gourmet Chicory Coffee!

With its rich history, New Orleans culture was greatly influence by the French culture and their love of good coffee. During the hard economic times of the Civil War, locals began adding chicory root to their limited supply of coffee. By overcoming adversity, this New Orleans Chicory coffee blend became a local symbol of New Orleans culture and fine cuisine. 

Columbian and French Roast Beans with a Dash of Chicory, Please!

The northern blockades during the Civil War cut off supplies of French Roast beans to the people of New Orleans. Columbian plantations introduced their Columbian coffee beans from the south to this coffee hungry port but local New Orleans coffee suppliers knew it wouldn’t be enough and went looking for an additive to increase their coffee output.

The New Orleans coffee suppliers tried blending the new Columbian beans with their dwindling supply of French Roast but could tell something more was needed to last out the coffee bean shortages caused by the embargo. They decided on endive which is grown throughout Europe for most of recorded history. Endive’s root, known as Chicory, is often used in recipes to cut the bitterness of certain ingredients. In the poorer areas of Europe, especially Southern France and Italy, Chicory grows wild and was used as a substitute for coffee. When baked and ground it had the subtle taste of smoky chocolate.

A Distinctly New Orleans Coffee Blend

Although the world had tried Chicory as a drink, and they knew French Roast coffee, the blend of Columbian beans, French Roast and Ground Chicory root created a medium-dark coffee that New Orleans refined to a velvety, heavily-bodied tradition with a light chocolaty brightness that is distinctly New Orleans culture.

Judy Walker, of The Times-Picayune reports: 

Two hundred years before the first Starbucks opened, New Orleans had its own coffee culture, its own coffee blend and its own deep, rich coffee tradition. A cup of chicory cafe au lait is New Orleans history in a cup. And New Orleans might be where the morning coffee break originated early in the 20th century.

Order Your Chicory Coffee and Celebrate Mardi Gras Too!

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New Orleans Chicory Coffee Blend

Decaf Chicory Blend


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