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Rising above a shimmering strand of white sandy beach on the island of Maui is the Ka’anapali Beach Resort. Once the playground of Maui Royalty it is now a world class resort destination with luxury amenities and over 30 renowned restaurants that proudly serve Maui Coffee. You see, just four miles above is a 300 acre up slope leading to Maui’s Ka’annapali estate coffee farms.

On our continuing search for the best coffees in the world we have added these Maui Farm coffees to our gourmet coffee collections! Grown in the high lava rich Ka’anapali Farms of Maui, each has its own delightful blend of fragrances and flavors.  Take a moment to learn about each of these new Maui coffee blends and then head over to our website to order one of each!

Maui Mokka

Mokka coffee is originally from the Yemen region and is named for the chocolate undertones of the small Peaberry beans. Producing a very light yield and exquisite dark chocolate-spicy undertones Mokka is a highly sought after but rare coffee on the world market.

With fertile high volcanic slopes, the coffee plantation Ka’anapali decided to grow this rare and small yielding treasure dubbing it Maui Mokka. Dry processed, sun dried then hulled, what has resulted is an incredible blend that is distinctly the flavor of Maui – the undertones of chocolate play smoothly with the Maui tropic breezes to create a brew that is described as having an exotic, slightly acidic flavor with a crisp smoothness of fruity cinnamon and dark chocolate subtleties. 

Maui Yellow Caturra Coffee Beans

This exotic blend of earthiness and spice is aptly named because of the yellow appearance of the ripe coffee cherries. It has a well-balanced acidity arising from the lava rich soil, and the undertones of allspice, a blend of cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon, a hint of licorice plus the heady floral of the island breezes. Maui Yellow Caturra leaves you with an undeniable winy essence and a clean, intoxicating finish. Lay back and enjoy the ambiance of Maui with this relaxing mellow blend of Maui Yellow Caturra.

Maui Red Catuai Coffee Beans

By combining Maui Yellow Caturra, Caturra and Mondo Nova beans, grown on rich volcanic slopes in the tropical paradise that is Maui, this extremely exotic blend is often called the cabernet of coffees. Red Catuai offers a mellow burgundy flavor with notes resonant to red wine. Enjoy the mild subtlety of buttery spiciness and grapefruit. Perfect for a morning cup this medium roast of consistent bright flavors will waken any coffee lover with a smile.

Be sure to head over to That’s Coffee to try a taste of Maui paradise for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!


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