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When you shop for specialty coffee (or “premium coffee’), the sheer variety of coffee available in the market today can make your head spin. Of those hundreds of coffee varieties, only a few can really be called premium coffee, although the term is used quite generously for any kind of coffee. Let’s look at what really constitutes premium coffee beans, and what premium coffee beans bring to your favorite drink.

Premium Coffee Beans: A History

Coffee has a long history, originating in Ethiopia in the 15th century, and slowly spreading to the Arab world, and from there, to Europe, the rest of Asia, and the Americas. As coffee cultivation spread around the world, each region’s climate and cultivation created a unique brand of coffee. Hybridization techniques also created many types of premium coffee beans, which are generally known by the location of origin- Hawaiian Kona Coffee and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee are examples of this.

Types of Coffee and Premium Coffee Beans

Broadly speaking, there are now two major types of coffee beans-Arabica and Robusta. The Arabica beans are more common as premium coffee beans, while Robusta beans are found in blends and in cheaper varieties of coffee. Arabica yields coffee beans that are less acidic, with lower caffeine content. Arabica beans also have a refined aroma, and are best brewed after light roasting.

Premium Coffee Beans: Other Considerations

When you look at the variety of “premium coffees” available, you probably wonder what it is that makes them so special. It’s not just that they are frequently Arabica beans it is also the processing and roasting that the premium coffee beans undergo.

The process of identifying premium coffee beans begins even before the crop is harvested. Premium coffee beans usually originate from coffee plants that are grown in higher altitudes, often in microclimates that have distinct climate patterns.

Premium coffee beans are selected from among the best beans, at the right time. They are often hand-picked, and only the beans that are closest to the desired bean size and coloring are selected. These beans, now earmarked “premium coffee beans,” are then dried in appropriate temperature and humidity conditions. The beans are then roasted and ground in line with strict quality control standards.

What’s So Great About Premium Coffee Beans?

Premium coffee beans yield the best coffee, and can be blended with other coffee types to produce unique flavors. All premium coffee does not taste the same, thankfully, and you can usually identify premium coffee by its high Arabica content.

Premium coffee, with its lower acidity and caffeine, and refined aroma, can help your boost your immune system, and has been proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, when taken in moderate amounts.

Premium Coffee Beans in a Nutshell

Premium coffee beans are the building blocks of excellent Gourmet Coffee . They reach your store shelf after the most thorough quality control process, to assure the best premium coffee beans. Coffee tasting is an art form for some, and premium coffee beans make it possible for you to truly experience coffee art at its best!


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