Premium Coffee Beans

What does the designation premium mean to you? Is it the best soccer league in the world? No, that’s premier, and it’s football not soccer. How about the origins of the human race? Actually, that would be better encompassed in the word primeval than premium. When people see the word premium on a product, it is considered the best of the lot. The rest of the motley group can only be deemed inferior no matter what the product. This is as true of premium coffee beans as it is of premium beef or beer.

Premium coffee beans are synonymous with Gourmet Coffee . These are the best tasting, most exclusive brands which have a flavor that cannot be extracted from a lesser product.

Brands labeled premium can either be sold as a bag of either pre-ground coffee, whole roasted beans, or green coffee beans. These variations allow people to realize the freshness that they desire from the coffee they brew. Of course, the most unsullied way to have coffee is to roast them at home as you need them. Coffee beans will keep in a refrigerator for many months and allow the drinker to maintain a fresh taste they cannot have with beans that are previously ground. Unfortunately it can be difficult to roast the beans correctly, so it may be easier to grind previously roasted premium beans. If the beans come pre-ground they will lose their freshness very quickly and leave the consumer with a stale, pale imitation of the cup they desire.

Grinding your own premium coffee beans is neither difficult nor time-consuming. The only equipment required is either an electric or manual coffee grinder used a minute before you place it n the filter. Grinding the beans releases the oils that are encased within and allows for the richness to escape into your cup. It is best to keep the roasted beans in the freezer so that they maintain their freshness for a longer period and are able to provide many fresh cups of coffee.

Many may think that purchasing premium beans and grinding them yourself seems a bit pretentious and the taste will not warrant the extra step in their morning routine. The truth is that the time concerned is minimal and the extra cost will soon be forgotten. Grinding your own premium beans everyday will become such a habit that you will not even consider it after a few short days. But the benefits are the smooth, fresh taste that only comes from a can for the first few days.


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