Coffees of Hawaii

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The Hawaiian archipelago grows coffee, tea, nuts and fruit. The coffees that are produced have its own distinct taste which is mild, delicate and leaves a clean taste in the mouth. For centuries Hawaii has been producing coffee and the traditional methods are complemented with modern roasting and milling methods which allow the grower to offer specialty coffees of a prime grade. The finest of gourmet coffees are cultivated in select locations across the archipelago of Hawaiian Islands.

Our premium Hawaiian gourmet coffees are simply wonderful as they are grown with care attention to detail in a bid to produce the perfect coffee beans.

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The locations which produce coffee are Kona, Maui, Kauai and Molokai. The coffee grown in the Hawaiian Islands are grown at rather low altitudes and certain farms offer the best quality coffees with an excellent taste. The pleasant and mild taste is the hallmark of premium coffees from Hawaii. It is not intense or dark and has a good balance between the taste and quality.

Both Maui coffee and Kona coffee are blessed with a medium to full bodied flavor as well as a mild acidity greatly favored by coffee connoisseurs. 100% Molokai coffee comes from the exclusive 500 acre plantation in the Kualapu’u village. Hawaiian coffees are handpicked to ensure quality. After plucking, traditional methods are used in roasting the coffee along with modern methods to produce the best gourmet coffee possible. Every grain of coffee carries the mystic and yet soothing power of the Islands of Hawaii.

The soil and the low altitudes combined with the methods of production produces the unique flavor of the Hawaiian coffees which can be categorized according the estate it is produced in. Some of the producers also offer the convenience of ordering the coffee and delivering the same to your home cutting out the hassle of going out to buy your favorite flavor of coffee.

There are four main varieties of coffee grown in Hawaii. They are Molokai, Kauai, Maui and Kona coffee. Kona coffee is the best in quality and taste out of these coffees and sells at a higher price among those who love gourmet coffee. Kona peaberry coffee is also treasured by coffee lovers.

Molokai coffee known by the name of its region of production has a unique smoky taste with a lingering aftertaste that is truly satisfying. The coffee is produced both by the wet process and the sun dried process enhancing the distinct taste of Molokai coffee.

The largest coffee plant found in Hawaii is used to produce the Kauai coffee and has a good harvest which makes this variety more economical than others. However, taste and quality are not compromised and different varieties of Kauai can be found according to the location of the coffee plants. Some of these are the highly popular Caturra coffee and the typical Arabica which gives the classic Yellow Catuai that is sweet tasting.

The latest in the line of Hawaiian coffees is the Maui coffee. The coffee is rather refreshing, mild and light bodied and thus gives a totally different feeling to the darker, richer and fuller bodied varieties. Maui coffees are often enhanced with the addition of dried fruit, chocolate or cocoa.

As the only coffee produced in the USA it is very popular among gourmet coffee lovers.

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