Santo Domingo: The Treasure of the Caribbean

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Finding time to slow down and relax may be as easy as brewing a cup of the Dominican Republic’s Santo Domingo coffee. Everything feels different on island time!

The Treasure of the Caribbean

Dominican coffee beans are often called “Santo Domingo”, after its capital city that is home to over 2 million people.  Santo Domingo coffee beans are well-balanced and very uniform because of the consistent weather climate.

The warm ocean climate in the Dominican Republic is unique to all other coffee growing regions in the Americas. The warm ocean currents and year-round rainfall provides a very consistent environment for coffee plants. The coffee beans have a distinctive flavor due to the limestone and granite mountain soils.

Coffee connoisseurs say Santo Domingo coffee beans have moderate acidity levels and an uncomplicated taste structure. Dominican coffee beans are best suited towards dark roasted blends.

Life in the Dominican

In the Dominican Republic, coffee is related to relaxation and calmness. The Caribbean easy-going lifestyle is perfectly complimented by a nice, sweet yet strong cup of coffee

Typically, coffee is served in small cups with a lot of sugar added to the very strong brew. Sugar is the main cash crop in the Dominican, even more important in the economy than coffee, and adding high amounts of it to coffee comes natural.

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