Indonesia’s ‘Black Satin’ Sumatran Coffee Beans

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Indonesia is currently among the top five largest coffee producing countries in the world. The specific longitude and latitude regions of Indonesian islands create the ideal climate for the Arabica coffee plant to grow.

dark coffeeSumatran Mandheling coffee beans are considered a premium coffee, originating in Western Sumatra, Indonesia. Because of their rich flavors and complex textures Sumatran coffee is highly valued.

The proof of its value is in its popularity: our ‘Black Satin’ Sumatran coffee beans are the all-time bestselling coffee, outperforming our Kenyan, African, Ethiopian coffees and our Organic and Espresso coffee beans.

Short Sumatra Coffee History Lesson

Indonesia’s history tells a sad story of how the Leaf Rust epidemic wiped out the Dutch East Indies Trading Company. The Sumatran Mandheling coffee bean was thought to be lost forever – completely wiped out and extinct.

Thankfully, this highly valued European coffee was found over a century later in the jungles of Sumatra. The Sumatra Black Satin coffee bean is now grown near Takengon in Western Sumatra in the Mandheling province of Aceh.

The Gayonese indigenous people live in the western highlands of this area that is now world famous for gourmet coffee production.

Characteristics of this Dark Roast Coffee

‘Black Satin’ is made from Sumatran dark roast coffee beans that are inherently better when roasted longer. Even if you are not traditionally a dark roast drinker we encourage you to give the Black Satin a try – many people are surprised that it is not bitter or burnt tasting like other dark roasts on the market today. Here are some of its other coffee characteristics:

Flavor – Sumatran Black Satin is very rich in flavor with a thick and chocolately texture featuring brown sugar undertones. Many people find it to be on the thicker side with a texture more similar to syrup than other coffees.

Cup – Sumatran Black Satin coffee beans provide a superior cup of gourmet coffee unrivaled by most other coffees.

Aroma -Sumatran Black Satin coffee beans exhibit a smoky aroma that is complimented by a very mild black pepper finish. There are also hints of light earthy tones.

Acidity -Perhaps best of all, Sumatran Black Satin has low acidity like other dark roast coffee beans without having some of the less-desired traditional dark roast features. Enjoy a wonderful finish that will leave you wanting a second cup!

Customer Reviews

The fact that our Sumatran Black Satin coffee beans are the #1 Bestseller on our website speaks for itself – customers order these gourmet coffee beans time and again. Some feedback we’ve received along the way:

“I used to think I was a light-medium roast drinker. After I tried the Black Satin dark roast I was pleasantly surprised. It was flavorful and smooth but not dry or over-roasted. Try it for yourself and be converted – you won’t regret it!”

“Bold but also extremely smooth, making it an overall great coffee”

The Sumatran Black Satin is available in 1-lb or 5-lb bags and in the Morning Buzz Dark Roast Coffee Sampler.


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