When Buying Whole Bean Coffee

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For the serious coffee drinker, whole bean coffee is always the best option. Whole bean coffee stays fresh longer, and compared to pre-ground coffee, tastes much better when brewed immediately after grinding. This is true for regular as well as Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee.

Whole Bean Verses Ground Coffee

It is also more practical to purchase whole bean coffee than purchasing its ground counterpart; whole bean coffee has a longer shelf life since the flavor and aroma are locked in until it is time to grind and brew the coffee. The preparation time may be longer as you first need to first grind the whole bean coffee with a coffee grinder but for the most part, the locked in freshness outweighs the longer preparation time.

Some people are always in a rush and don’t have the time to grind their coffee. For this reason, one can easily stock up on both whole bean coffee and ground coffee so that whether you have the spare time or not, you will have the comfort of two options and still enjoy your favorite cup of coffee.

Choosing Your Whole Bean Coffee

Unlike coffee aficionados, most coffee drinkers are at a loss when looking for the best whole bean coffee to savor and enjoy. Here are some useful pointers for those who are new to the whole bean gourmet coffee arena and for those who might want a fresh perspective for their daily coffee experience in finding the whole bean coffee that is most appropriate for them.

  • Choose 100% Arabica coffee beans over Robusta. Arabica is a higher quality gourmet coffee bean. It has better body, richness, flavor and aroma plus less caffeine
  • Choose the proper roast that would best suit your taste. A primary factor in choosing whole bean coffee depends on your choice of Light Roast Coffee Beans, Medium Roast Coffee Beans or heavy or Dark Roast Coffee Beans. Dark roast coffees are less acidic, have less caffeine and exhibit a fuller, bolder coffee taste and aroma
  • If you do not have your own coffee roaster at home, you can Purchase Fresh Roasted Whole Bean Coffee Online. Remember that the natural oils found in the coffee beans are brought to the surface during roasting and will start to lose flavor and aroma when exposed to air, so the shorter the time between roasting and brewing, the better
  • Taste the different gourmet coffee beans from the various coffee-producing regions around the globe to discover which region’s coffee suits your palate best. Asia-Pacific, Arabia/Africa, and Central/South America are the three main regions producing high quality gourmet whole bean coffee
  • There are four important coffee characteristics to consider in choosing your whole bean coffee: acidity, body, flavor and aroma. A good coffee should have high marks in each of these areas. You will need to experiment and taste different coffee beans from different regions to discover your favorite gourmet coffees that pass your standards for these four coffee characteristics.

Whole Bean Preparation & Flavoring

Choosing specific coffee preparation and flavoring is also a personal choice. Like any adventure, often times the journey is the most memorable and enjoyable part. Have fun experimenting and explore all the wondrous coffee flavors and types of coffee preparations to find your favorites. But remember…the start of any great coffee tasting journey begins with freshly roasted whole bean coffee.

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