Flavored Coffee Beans

Flavored coffee beans are simply natural coffee beans with additional flavor coated compounds to increase the taste. These flavors assist to increase the projected shelf life of coffee by covering the changes in flavor caused by decaffeination, aging processes or oxidation. Flavored coffee beans have been used for millennia in one form or another  but the  popularity of flavored gourmet coffee has been increasing since the 90’s due largely to its exotic flavor and through the development of modern chemical technology, many specific flavored coffee beans can now be produced In recent days, there are several flavors available for coffee consumers such as “Chocolate Swiss Almond,” “Amaretto Supreme,” “Hazelnut,” “Irish Creme,” and “French Vanilla.” There are two raw materials that are required for flavoring coffee product such as coffee beans and flavoring oils. The flavor of the coffee product completely depends on the type of beans that are used. Coffee beans contain more than 800 different compounds which effect flavor with the some of the strongest being sugars and other carbohydrates, organic acids, mineral salts, methylxanthines, and aromatic oils. The flavor of the coffee beans also depends on the area of its growth and the roasting process. Primarily Coffea Arabica beans are utilized for flavored coffees because of the bitterness and low levels of acidity of the gourmet coffee beans. These types of top flavored coffee beans are grown in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Flavoring oils are the mixtures of synthetic and natural flavor chemicals that are added to the coffee products. Natural oils can be used to flavor coffees beans such as cocoa beans, vanilla beans, and different berries and nuts. Clove, cinnamon, and chicory can also be used to supplement the coffee flavor. Artificial flavor components are chemicals, which are produced through a commercial source. For example 2, 4-Dimethyl-5-acetylthiazole is used for providing a nutty, musty and woody flavor. Traditional and modern advances in flavoring have produced several different types of flavor for adding to coffee beans; the most popular flavors being those that provide a drink with a sweet creamy flavor. Do not be confused when looking to buy your flavored coffee beans online or at a local coffee. By reading guides online such as this one you can find a great deal of assistance in choosing the best flavored coffee beans for your next cup of coffee.

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