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Gourmet Coffee Beans are actually harvested seeds from the cherries of the coffee plant. They are superior quality Arabica coffee beans with favorable attributes such as coffee bean size, density, flavor essence and aroma.

The basic composition of gourmet coffee beans is the protein-filled, water-dissolvable fiber that contains between 0.8% to 2.5% caffeine. Along with the taste and aroma, gourmet coffee beans are generally classified from the caffeine content they possess.

Caffeine content is a primary factor in how gourmet coffee beans are grown and harvested although some coffee plantations use a decaffeinated process (either wet or dry) to naturally reduces the coffee bean’s caffeine content. Arabica gourmet coffee beans tend to have much less caffeine then the lower grade Robusta coffee beans.

Sorting Gourmet Coffee Beans

After harvesting and cleaning, gourmet coffee beans are sorted by size with the use of filtering machines. Then the gourmet coffee beans are sorted and further separated by body density with the use of a gravity separator using stages of vibration. The next sorting process is by color which is possibly the most complicated process; using computerized analyzers and sensors to separate the high quality gourmet beans from the lesser grade coffee beans.

Grading Gourmet Coffee Beans

Factors that determine the grade of the gourmet coffee beans include shape and size, farming location and altitude, and how the coffee beans are harvested and prepared. These factors are all taken into account when the gourmet beans are classified by grading and given a stamp of premium quality.

Aging Gourmet Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans age more slowly than roasted gourmet coffee beans. Also, the shelf life of ground coffee is a lot less than whole bean gourmet coffee beans.

Our modern taste sensibilities tend to prefer gourmet coffee beans that are fresh roasted and ground and freshly brewed. There are some however, that enjoy the unique taste and flavor of aged coffees like the India Monsoon Voyage Gourmet Coffee.

Historically, the aging of these gourmet coffee beans started when it took weeks or months to transport the coffee beans by ship. It was later discovered that the stored gourmet coffee beans underwent an aging process where the beans took on a more distinct and mildly fermented fruity flavor and aroma, which soon became a desirable characteristic for some coffee lovers.

Finding the Best Gourmet Beans

Gourmet coffee beans are almost exclusively from the Arabica coffee variant; known for its rich flavor and subtle bitterness. But gourmet beans have also been the term used for coffee beans enhanced with different flavorings during the process of roasting.

Gourmet coffee beans are available at a local supermarket however it is difficult to verify the freshness, quality and purity of the gourmet beans until the package is opened.

Local Specialty Coffee Shops usually get their merchandise from reputable sources and are willing to put their name and reputation on the line for the freshness of the products they carry.

There is also the modern shopping option of buying gourmet coffee beans online at places like That’s Coffee, an online specialty gourmet coffee bean store.

Buying gourmet coffee beans online allows you to check the company’s background and experience plus, you can read through consumer reviews to verify customer satisfaction. Another benefit of buying gourmet beans online is the ability to find a much larger variety of flavors and brands of gourmet coffee beans. In most cases, online gourmet coffee bean stores will roast the coffee beans just prior to shipping so freshness is assured.

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