Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee

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vietnamese coffee

Coffee was introduced to Vietnam by the French in the late 19th Century and has been a popular beverage ever since. A French dark roast is used and ground finely, chicory may also be added and is in fact quite similar in taste to Cafe De Monde coffee and South Indian filter coffee.

Vietnamese filter coffee can be served both hot and cold, it is made using a special filter that sits over the glass. The ground gourmet coffee beans are placed into the upper chamber with a plunger and lid and allowed to slowly filter down into the glass below. Condensed milk sits on the bottom, after the coffee has filtered down the two are mixed together. It can be drunk at this stage warm or poured over ice for iced coffee.

Condensed milk was chosen to be used as at the time fresh milk was not readily available. This tradition has carried on and makes Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee a unique and special drink particular to this region.

So why not order some of our French Roast Beans, get a filter from your local Asian store and have fun; its a lovely sweet treat and fun to serve to guests.


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