I’ll Have a Cup of Joe, Please

This week’s fun fact goes out to all those who refer to their coffee as a “Cup of Joe”. Next time you order up your Cup of Joe (please) you will have a better understanding of why you just called it by a man’s first name. In 1913, US President Woodrow Wilson appointed Josephus Daniels Secretary of the U.S. Navy. One of his many reforms included the abolition of alcohol on navy warships. Thanks to this reform, the strongest drink on a navy ship was coffee, and over time became known among sailors as a “Cup of Joe”. Or, if you prefer a different story, it is also believed that Cup of Joe came to be thanks to Stephen C. Foster. He’s the musician we can thank for “Oh! Suzzana” and “Camp Town Races.” He also wrote “Old Black Joe.” At the time of its popularity, coffee became known as a “Cup of Joe” in diners.

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