How to Combat Bad Coffee Breath

Millions of coffee drinkers deal with it every day: bad breath.

The enjoyment of a hot cup of coffee is definitely not long enough. The mug soon empties and an aftertaste begins to form in the mouth. If you aren’t aggressive in stopping the smell, bad coffee breath can follow you around all day.

If you think that it is just your mouth casting off a bad odor, stop being so hard on yourself. Because coffee is acidic, the lingering smell is actually caused by the high acidity levels that build up inside your mouth. This acidic environment is perfect for bacteria to grow inside your oral cavities; the more bacteria the smellier the dilemma.

So rather than passing up that cup of coffee in the morning in lieu of a big meeting in the office or ordering a tea in a coffee shop on that first date, there are a few simple ways you can drink coffee and prevent the odor.

Brush Your Teeth – Most North Americans are trained from a young age to brush their teeth. If possible, make it a habit to brush your teeth after drinking coffee. Keep a tooth brush in your desk at work and head to the bathroom after your morning coffee break. Not only does brushing remove the sulfurous build up in your mouth it also stops bacteria from breeding in your cavities. The extra, minty freshness from your toothpaste also helps.

Floss Away the Bacteria – If brushing is not possible, try quickly flossing your teeth. Flossing gets into those hard-to-reach places where bacteria love to hang out and the minty flavor on the floss leaves your mouth feeling clean.

Gargle – Keeping mouthwash handy is also a quick and easy solution to cleaning your pearly whites of any lingering bacteria. Just make sure to move the liquid around your mouth slowly so it can do its magic on all those crevices. The flavor of the mouthwash will replace that coffee breath in an instant!

Drink a Glass of Water – There are sometimes where we can’t just run off and attend to our oral hygiene – such as at the theatre or in a meeting. Just take a drink of water! The water helps to loosen any coffee particles and wash them down. If they aren’t in your mouth, they can’t start to smell!

Seek a Minty Alternative – There are lots of products on the market – such as gum, mints or breath spray – that can help to conceal the smell of your coffee breath until you have a proper chance to deal with it. Remember: these are temporarily solutions.

That cup of coffee shouldn’t make you self-conscious of your breath anymore! Be proactive in keeping your mouth clean and spare all those you meet the smell of stale coffee. If you need more information, speak with your dental health care provider. By all means – bring on the gourmet coffee!

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