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Fast Company often has intriguing articles on a variety of business topics ranging from technology to leadership. A recent article titled How to Break Your Daily Caffeine Habit and Use Coffee Strategically caught my attention.

The article was entertaining and I walked away knowing a little more about caffeine. I encourage you to head over to the article and read it in full. If you only have a couple minutes here is the Cole’s Notes version:

People develop a caffeine tolerance

It takes between 7 and 12 days to develop a dependency on caffeine even if you just drink one cup a day and then 10 days to get rid of it.

Caffeine doesn’t create energy

Many people think that caffeine gives theme instant jolts of energy to help accomplish whatever task is at hand. Contrary to this belief, caffeine actually blocks the receptors that tell your body it is getting tired. So instead of being energized you just no longer feel tired.

Grab a coffee and take a 15 minute nap

A great way to boost your energy during the day is to drink a cup of coffee and take a cat nap. The sleep helps your body feel refreshed and gives you enough time to start feeling the effects of the caffeine.

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