What’s the Best Temperature to Drink Coffee?


While the answer to this question may be a personal taste preference – some like their coffee near scalding while others like it just above room temperature – there is a somewhat “scientific” answer. This is because the temperature of coffee can affect both the taste and aroma of the drink. High heat can cause the essential oils to evaporate leaving a cup of coffee that is sub par in terms of its flavors. Trying serving your coffee between 155°F and 175°F. This range leaves enough of a gap for “room temperature” drinkers to enjoy a cooler cup of coffee and “high heat drinkers” to enjoy a hotter cup of coffee. It also ensures that you don’t loose precious taste and aroma. Note: When I worked at a local coffee shop we aimed to make our lattes and cappuccinos to about 160°F. It usually took about 10 minutes for the drink to cool enough to sip – which is perfect for take out when you want to bring your coffee back to the office or to an event. It also makes the drink last longer when you having a long visit with an old friend. However, it makes the coffee near impossible to drink in a 10 minute coffee break! Happy Brewing!

“Ideal Coffee Temperature” courtesy of your online coffee bean store; Gourmet Coffee Beans


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